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December 8, 2005

Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of December 8, 2005
University of the Pacific - Stockton Campus

Business: E. Typpo (p), N. Peery (a)
Conservatory: F. Rose (p), L. Wang (a)
COP: D. Borden (p), L. Christianson, (p), K. Day (p), L. Fox (p), L. Koehler (p), B. Klunk (a), A. Smith (a), B. Swagerty (p), C. Vierra (p), D. Maxwell (p)
Dental: H. Chi (a), C. Lyon (a), R. Cohan (p)
Education: M. Draheim (p), L. Webster (p)
Emeriti: R. DiFranco (p)
Engineering: C.W. Lee (p), M. Shami (p)
Law: W. Jones (p), G. Scully (p), G. Harris (p)
Library: R. Imhof (p)
Pharmacy: D. Abood (p), D. Fries (p), S. Bellamy (p), J. Livesey (p)
SIS: S. Sample (a)
Students: N. Tran (a), TBD (p)
Ex-Officio: B. Gundersen (a), G. Pearson (a), D. Parker (a), T. Little (a), B. Jasti (a), F. Wiens (a), L. Itaya (a), D. Keefe (p), S. Wheeler (a), J. Sprankling (a), D. Brennan (a), J. Kenrow (a), P. Gilbertson (p), H.Trexler (p), M. Canniff (p)
Observer: J. Preisser, (a), J. Purnell (p)
Guests: Professor Larry Spreer, Vice President for Finance Patrick Cavanaugh.

Chair Dave Fries called the meeting to order at 3:07p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes
Motion: R. DiFranco moved, F. Rose seconded to approve the minutes of November 10, 2005
Motion unanimously approved.

2. Chairs report
Chair Fries welcomed new Council member Professor George Harris from the Law School. Collaboration clusters to be held on Friday, December 9, 2005 at Grace Covell, faculty invited to attend. Question came up regarding the NCAA Athletic Program accreditation. Gender Equity Issue title 9, in 1994 there was a document drafted and approved by the Board of Regents. This documents talks about the expectation for what would happen in the Athletics department relating to gender equity. It calls for a yearly update from the Athletics Director made available to the president by the October of the year and shared with the faculty senate. Academic Council should have been receiving reports on how Pacific is doing with gender equity, (relative number of participants, tied to the male/female enrollment ratios at Pacific, equal opportunities to participate, number of sports available, equal number of scholarships, equal opportunity to be coached by male or female coaches. Memo will be drafted and sent to the Athletic report that should be received by the February 2006 meeting.

3. Vice President for Finance Patrick Cavanaugh
Mr. Cavanaugh provided an overview of the status of the finances of the University, where we are in the process in developing the budget in the coming year, and an overview of the university campus master plan for the Stockton campus. Before 1997 Stockton campus had a current fund deficit of about 16 million dollars, the current fund deficit for the whole university was around $8 million because there were current fund surpluses at the other 2 campuses; After a Board directed endowment dividend of $8 million the Stockton current fund deficit was reduced to $8 million and the University current fund deficit was reduced to 0. The current fund balance today for the entire university is almost 12 million dollars. Net assets for the whole university at the end of fiscal year 1995 were around $140 million year, at the end of the last year reported 2005 the net asset of the university was 360 million dollars, an increase of 9.3% per year, overall increase of 243%. The endowment was 59 million dollar at the end fiscal year 1995 and at the end of fiscal year 2005 was just over 178 million dollars, this is an increase of 11.7% per year, an increase of 302% overall. Fiscal year 2005 ended with a surplus, Stockton campus had a large surplus that gave the opportunity for one time investments in a number of areas like: technology, facilities and special program requirements. There is currently an expectation of a similar large surplus for fiscal year 2006. Finance Committee of the Board is to meet in the next week and will receive a recommendation of President DeRosa for an increase in tuition next year of 5.5%, total tuition and mandatory fees for 2007 is proposed to be $27,500 for the Stockton Campus. Board of Regents to act on increase at the January 2006 meeting. The tuition increase for the Law School and Dental School along with the expenditure budget for all 3 campuses, will be presented to the Board of Regents at the April meeting. Discussion followed.

Two key projects that have been talking about are the University Center and the Biology Building, Board of Regents approved in October 2005 with these projects. VP Cavanaugh presented Council with drawings of master plan for the Stockton campus of a long term vision of what campus would like in 2024, centennial of the university being here in Stockton. General notion of the campus master planners is to replicate the kind or what they call the kind of DNA that is in the part of the campus at the Burns Tower, Knoles Hall, Webber Hall and the Library and try to replicate this kind of sense of place through out the Stockton Campus. Discussion followed on master plan.

Last October the Board of Regent approved the proposal and directed the staff to proceed with the sale of KUOP that had been operating under an operation agreement with Capitol Public Radio in Sacramento the last 5 years. KUOP obtained an interim operation agreement with Capitol Public Radio to continue to operate during the sale process. An RFP will be issued to the market in the next few days. It is expected to evaluate the prospective bidders by end of January middle of February and complete the sale by end of April.

4. Provost Report
Provost Gilbertson reported to Council that he had talk to CIO Larry Frederick to have the Emeriti members access the Pacific Portal. There is an issue with Emeriti Faculty not listed in the central database of banner because they are not actual employees of the university. An arrangement to manually enter their names is being looked into in the interim, until a permanent and automated solution is found.

5. Consideration of Core and Apirational Values
Chair Fries presented Council with a list of Core and Aspirational values for IPC review. Discussion followed.

Feedback to be provided by Academic Council to the writing group that is working on the drafts of the descriptors of the Core and Aspirational Values.

6. Recommendations from Teacher/Scholar Task Force
Chair Fries presented council with a revised summary of recommendations on the Teacher-Scholar Task Force. Executive Committee has added proposals on who would be responsible for working on developing these ideas and maybe institutionalizing them. An email to all faculty was sent out and asked for feed back on the proposals. Responses from 4 or 5 people were receive and stronger feedback (as a group) was from COP Council. Discussion followed
Motion: L. Fox moved, J. Livesy, seconded to send Teacher Scholar Task Force Summary of Recommendations numbers 2 and 3 to CAPD to develop plan for enactment.

  • 2. The Task Force recommends that guidelines be developed and adopted that improve the evaluation of teaching at Pacific.
  • 3. The task Force Recommends the University move to a process of performing Student Course Evaluations using an electronic, web-based tool.
    Motion approved with 1 6 approvals, 6 abstentions and 1 opposition.
    Motion: L. Fox moved, D. Abood, seconded to establish ad hoc committees and have them develop, approve and advance to council for approval numbers 4 and 5.
  • 4. The task Froce Recommends that the university implant pre-tenure development leaves to support scholarly productivity.
    Ad Hoc Committee consisting of 2 members CAPD, 2 members FRC and one member PRC to recommend changes in Development Leave Guidelines
  • 5. The Task Force recommends that development of adoption of a formal mentoring program for junior faculty.
    Ad Hoc Committee consisting of 2 members CAPD, 2 members FRC and one member PRC to recommend changes in development a formal mentoring program for junior faculty
    Motion approved with 20 approvals and 3 abstentions.
    Motion: R. Di Franco moved, L. Fox seconded to forward recommendations 6 and 7 to Provost and President for consideration.
  • 6. Faculty should be thoroughly involved in developing and designing future innovative academic programs.
    Cabinet and Provost's Office should insure that this occurs.
  • 7. The Deans and faculty of the Schools should be allowed more budget flexibility to allow accumulation of funds to invest in innovative or entrepreneurial programs.
    Cabinet should discuss this item and determine how it can be achieved within allowed accounting practices
    Motion approved with 1 abstention.
    Motion: L. Fox moved, F. Rose, seconded to send recommendation 8 to Academic Council Executive Board and PRC to bring recommendation for enhancing faculty service participation.
  • 8. The task Force recommends that the Academic Council develop specific ways to address faculty concerns regarding service.
    Academic Council Executive Committee and Professional Relations Committee to bring recommendation to Council for enhancing faculty service participation
    Motion approved with 1 abstention.

7. Professional Relations Committee:
PHS non-Tenure Track Teaching Appointments. - Individuals may be appointed as fulltime or part-time tenure track faculty in one of three categories, clinician-teacher, research, and adjunct. Discussion followed.
Motion: D. Abood moved, R. Imhof, second, to accept the PHS Non-Tenure Track Teaching Appointments as presented to Council.
Ammendment: R. Di Franco moved, B. Swagerty to remove the words Teaching and Teacher from document. Ammendment failed with 7 in favor, 9 oppositions and 5 abstentions.
Motion: Motion approved with 17 approvals, 1 opposition and 3 abstentions.

Motion: L. Koehler, E. Typpo to table the remaining two PRC Items on the agenda
ESB Faculty Evaluation Guidelines and ESB Faculty governance Structure and Item 8 on agenda Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment. Motion unanimously approved.

Motion: L. Webster moved, B. Swagerty, seconded to adjourn. Motion unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 5:12p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ana T. Orellana
Academic Council Secretary