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May 11, 2006

Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of May 11, 2006
University of the Pacific
Community Conference Room, Library


Business: E. Typpo (a), N. Peery (9)

Conservatory: F. Rose (p), L. Wang (a)

COP: D. Borden (a), L. Christianson, (p), K. Day (a), L. Fox (p), L. Koehler (p), B. Klunk (p),

A. Smith (a), L. Spreer (a), B. Swagerty (p), C. Vierra (p), D. Maxwell (p)

Dental: H. Chi (a), C. Lyon (a), R. Cohan (a)

Education: Robert Oprandy (p), L. Webster (a)

Emeriti: R. DiFranco (p)

Engineering: C.W. Lee (p), M. Shami (p)

Law: W. Jones (p), G. Scully (a), G. Harris (p)

Library: R. Imhof (p)

Pharmacy: D. Abood (p), D. Fries (p), S. Bellamy (p), J. Livesey (p)

SIS: D. Keefe (a)

Students: N. Tran (a), TBD (a)

Ex-Officio: B. Gundersen (a), G. Pearson (a), D. Parker (a), T. Little (a), B. Jasti (a), F. Wiens (a), L. Itaya (a), D. Keefe (a), S. Wheeler (a), J. Sprankling (a), D. Brennan (a), J. Kenrow (a), P. Gilbertson (p), H.Trexler (a), M. Canniff (p)

Observer: J. Preisser, Chaplain (a), Jean Purnell, Asst. Provost, (p)

Guests: Dean Elizabeth Griego, Marlin Bates, Communication (new elect for 06/07), Zhou Xiaojing, English (new elect for 06/07), Keith Whittington, Mathematics (new elect for 06/07)

Chair Dave Fries called the meeting to order at 3:02 p.m.

1 Approval of Minutes

Motion: L. Fox moved, B. Swagerty seconded to approve the minutes of the April 27, 2006 meeting.

Motion unanimously approved.

2. Introduction

Chair Dave Fries introduced Elizabeth Griego, Vice President of Student Life and welcomed her to the University. She extended her happiness to be at the University of Pacific. Dr. Griego informed the committee that since today’s meeting agenda was so full, she would like to listen and then return in the Fall and talk about priorities.

3. Chair’s Report

Chair Dave Fries informed the council that President DeRosa had hoped to be able to attend today’s meeting to address us on issues important to the University and to answer any questions from faculty. He had a minor corrective surgery on Monday and had hoped he would have recovered sufficiently to attend this meeting. He was overly optimistic. He sends his regrets and promises to be at an AC meeting in early fall.

Chair Dave Fries thanked members of the Council whose terms expire after this meeting. The members leaving are Lee Christianson, Diane Borden, Howard Chi, Robin Imhof, Warren Jones, Glendalee Scully, Dick Abood, Marilyn Draheim and our student representative Natalie Tran. Chair Fries welcomed new members Bob Oprandy (BSE), Marcus Ravnan (PHS), Cynthia Hsieh (LIB), Marlin Bates, Communication, Keith Whittington, Mathematics and Xiaojing Zhou, English.

Election Results

Chair Dave Fries announced election results from the Spring 2006 Committee Election Faculty Ballot as follows:

Athletics Advisory Board – Joan Lin-Cereghino, Mike McCallum

Faculty Grievance Committee (Stockton Campus) – David Keefe, Abel Fernandez, Laura Rademacher, Greg Anderson, Stephanie Naumann, Tamara Little, Patricia Shands

Faculty Grievance Committee (San Franciso Campus) – Alan Budenz, Lisa Itaya, Bill Lundergan, Dorothy Burke

Promotion and Tenure Committee – Greg Camfield (College of the Pacific Representative), Susan Sample, SIS and Cynthia Eakin, ESB - (Professional School Representatives)

Professional Relations Committee – Cynthia Ostberg, Political Science (COP Representative – Social and Behavioral Sciences), Abel Fernandez, Engineering and Susan Sample, SIS (Professional School Representatives)

Chair Dave Fries also announced the election results from Spring 2006 University Committee Ballot as follows:

Institutional Priorities Committee – Lisa Itaya (DENT), Cynthia Dobbs (COP) – At Large

Convocation Speaker Committee – Robert Benedetti (COP), Cathy Peterson (SOPHS)

University Facilities Committee – Randall Enlow (COP)

Judicial Review Board/Hearing Officer – David Keefe (SIS), Lisa Cooper (BSE)

Student Academic Grievance Board – David Keefe (SIS), Cindy Ostberg (COP), Simalee Smith-Stubblefield

Student/Faculty Advocate Board – Randy Koper (COP), Greg Anderson (COP)

University Awards Committee – Robert Benedetti (COP), George Lewis (COP)

Community Involvement Program Advisory Board – Lisa Cooper (BSE), Robert Benedetti (COP, Marcia Hernandez (COP

Academic Facilities Improvement Committee – Laura Rademacher (COP)

Restructuring of the Institutional Technology

Chair Dave Fries reported that the restructuring of IT is well underway. He reported that the Executive Committee has discussed the function of the informal Technology in Learning Committee (TLC) and discussed that this committee could be strengthened in charge and in faculty representation. To that end, we have formulated a Draft TLC Charge and Structure and forwarded the document to the Professional Relations Committee (PRC) for their revision and recommendation. Chair Fries informed the council that if approved by PRC, we should expect to see this committee recommendation come to the Academic Council for consideration in Fall 2006.

University of the Pacific Athletics Statement of Commitment to Gender Equity

Chair Dave Fries reported that there is one governance-related item that is not on today’s agenda, but he was not content to abandon. He asked the council to recall that in the December 2005 Academic Council meeting, he reported that he had written to the Director of Athletics, Lynn King and copied President DeRosa, requesting the Board of Regent’s mandated yearly report to faculty on Gender Equity in Athletics. He informed the committee that to date we have not received that report. Also, he asks the council to recall that when Vice President Sina gave her report on the NCAA at the April 13, 2006 Academic Council meeting. At that time, Dr. Sina was questioned about the Gender Equity Report and we were informed that the “University of the Pacific Athletics Statement of Commitment to Gender Equity” is not Regent “policy”. Dave further reported that since that meeting, he has researched the minutes from the Board of Regents meetings of January 13, 1995 and March 10, 1995. He shared information from both sets of minutes with the council with contradictive findings. In addition, he informed the council that he had contacted Gary Podesto, who was the University Regent who was Chair of the Regents Committee on Athletics, and who appointed the joint faculty, regent committee that produced the gender equity document. Mr. Podesto assured Chair Dave Fries that the document was passed unanimously by the Board. It is his opinion, that the approval of the document by the Board of Regents, qualifies the document as Board policy.

Courtney Lehmann chaired the sub-committee on Gender Equity for the current (ongoing) NCAA review. Courtney shared with Dave the comments that she made to the Board of Regents Student Life Committee at last month’s Board meeting. It turns out that we are not in compliance with NCAA regulations on gender equity in terms of coaches’ pay. There are other areas where we are at minimal compliance with NCAA regulations and certainly not in balance relative to true “gender equity” between men’s and women’s athletic programs. Dave posed to the council members several basic questions that are raised by these recent findings.

1. What creates Regent policy, if it is not established by a unanimous vote on a clearly stated issue?

2. What is the difference between Regent acceptance, Regent endorsement, and Regent policy? Under what instances should we follow their vote and who decides what to pick and choose?

3. What are the minimum standards acceptable to the University relative to gender equity in athletics? Does the 1995 document “University of the Pacific Athletics Statement of Commitment to Gender Equity”, which was written by a joint Regent/Faculty Committee and approved by the full body of the Regents represent our minimum standards? Are we willing to accept the minimum standards of the NCAA as our standards for gender equity in athletics?

4. Is Athletics part of the University’s Academic Program or is it an auxiliary enterprise? Is so, should we contact it to outside companies like we have done for food services, the bookstore, etc.

5. What should the Academic Council do to answer these questions?

Following a lengthy discussion, a motion was made by D. Abood to have the Executive Committee investigate the University of the Pacific Athletics Statement of Commitment to Gender Equity over the Summer and report back to council in the Fall. The motion was seconded by J. Livesey and the motion was unanimously approved.

4. Provost Report

Provost Philip Gilbertson welcomed Elizabeth Gregio and expressed his delight with her joining the University.

Avian Flu

Provost Gilbertson gave a report on the Avian Flu. He reported that the University is doing some extensive planning in case of an Avian Flu epidemic. Mike Belcher is heading up a Pacific alert team and will be reporting to the Cabinet in the next couple of weeks. Provost Gilbertson felt that one of the key issues that will need to be addressed will be if there is a critical public health crisis is whether or not to shut down the University for anywhere from 2 – 8 weeks or should we try to continue the instructional enterprise of the University electronically. He felt that it may be difficult to do the business side. He shared that social distancing is part of the expectation of an epidemic of this magnitude. He informed the council that he wanted them to know that the University if working on a plan in case this does occur. The Avian flu could reach the U.S.A. by late Summer, early Fall. Dr. Griego shared that the good news is that the University hopes to have enough vaccine to vaccinate all students, faculty, staff, their families and the surrounding community. She also reiterated that social distancing would be the key to controlling this epidemic from spreading. Provost Gilbetson informed the council members that OIT is searching the possibilities of running the instructional portion of the University via Blackboard. He further advised the council that this certainly would not be the case for all instruction but we are looking into the basic instruction. He advised that this may turn out not to be feasible but at this point this is what is being looked into.

OIT Report

Provost Gilbertson informed the council that everyone has received notice of the Technology Report including the 2 page memorandum and the 6 page summary of the 20 page report. He urged the council members to read the information. The headline of the report is basically that the Cabinet, the President and the Provost simply must provide more leadership in the sense of direction and priorities for technology within the University for people to feel comfortable about management.

IPPC Restructuring

Provost Gilbertson informed the council with the proposed restructuring of the IPPC, the membership is not significantly different but the focus is significantly different. The major focus of this high level advisory committee to the Cabinet is to establish priority in relationship to the University’s priority that may involve the use of technology. Not so much focusing on technology issues but rather on mission priority issues that today are enviable will involve some form of technology. There are 5 or 6 technology policies that are back logged that need to be dealt with; a few of these policies were adopted by Council as far back a two years ago and they need to be adopted by the University.

Dean Search Committee

The College’s dean search committee will convene on the 25th of May. The announcement should be out early in the Summer and hope that by December will be have final candidates to bring in during January and February. Gene Pearson will be the chair of the dean search committee.


Provost Gilbertson shared that he had spoken to Barbara Shaw today regarding Commencement plans. She informed the Provost that about 56% of the 1,000 graduates have picked up their 4 reserved tickets for the Spanos Center Convocation ceremony. Barbara Shaw informed Provost Gilbertson that beginning Monday morning, May 15, 2006 the availability of tickets will open up allowing any graduating student to pick up as many tickets as they want. She is expecting a full house on Saturday, May 20th. Provost Gilbertson is hoping that the faculty attendance will be comparable.


Provost Gilbertson announced that Dean Gary Miller is ending his service in early June and a reception will be held at the end of the month. Dean Arthur Dugoni also has some special events going on in San Francisco this month. Denis Meerdink, Dean of the Research and Graduate for 10 years will be ending his service as Dean on June 30th and be returning full time to Pharmacy will be honored at a reception as well. Also, an acting interim Dean will be appointed to the Research and Graduate School while the plan is being continued to restructure that office. Provost Gilbertson announced that the shifting membership in the Board of Regents is dramatic right now. Five Regents retired last week representing 77 years of service. There will be another five senior Regents retiring next year as well. A new leadership team will begin to take the helm next year.

5. Election of Committee Replacements for Fall 2006

Academic Council Chair Elect – 2006/07

Chair Dave Fries opened up nominations from the floor for the position of Academic Council Chair-Elect position. Brian Klunk made a motion to nominate Lydia Fox for Academic Council Chair Elect for the 2006/07 year, R. Imhof seconded the motion. With no other nominations forthcoming and the motion was unanimously approved by council. Lydia was congratulated.

Nominations from the 2006 Eberhardt Teacher/Scholar Awards Committee

Chair Dave Fries announced the nomination candidates from the 2006 Eberhardt Teacher/Scholar Awards Committee. They are Dr. Leigh Anderson, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, Professor Fred Galves, McGeorge School of Law, Dr. Thomas Schiff, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, Dr. Jessica Song, T.J. Long School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and Dr. James Uchizono, T.J. Long School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. L. Fox made a motion to accept these five candidates, D. Abood seconded the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.

2006 Emeriti Faculty Nominations

Chair Dave Fries announced the 2006 Emeriti Faculty Nominations. They are William Brennan, COP, History, 30 years, Patrick Catania, PHS, Pharmacy, 36 years, Deann Christianson, COP, Mathematics, 39 years, Lee Christianson, COP, Biology, 39 years, Arthur Dugoni, Dentistry, 55 years, David Fletcher, Engineering, 33 years, Roger Katz, COP, Psychology, 32 years, John Nagle, BSE, 6 years, Darcy Umphred, PHS, Physical Therapy, 19 years and David Wolfe, Conservatory, Music Therapy, 19 years. R. di Franco made a motion to approve the 2006 Emeriti Faculty nominations. B. Swaggerty seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

6. Process and Terms of Appointment for Endowed Professorships

Chair Dave Fries advised the Council that the guidelines for selection of Endowed Professor positions needs clarification. He asks the council members to review documentation provided for agenda item 6 that clarifies the item. The proposed addition to the faculty handbook, 7.1.9 is attached herewith to these minutes. The underlined passages of this document come to Academic Council as a recommendation by the Professional Relations Committee. Chair Fries explained to the council members that since the changes to the document are minor N. Perry made a motion to accept the changes to the Endowed Professor positions as distributed. F. Rose seconded the motion. After a brief discussion, the motion to accept the changes to the faculty handbook was unanimously approved.

7. Proposal from Academic Affairs to Pilot of Revised Program Review Procedures

Chair Dave Fries advised the Council that in the packet today is a memorandum from Berit Gundersen, Chair of Academic Affairs Committee requesting approval of a proposal to pilot aspects of the new program review model in the upcoming year. Dave further explained to the Council that even though the model has not been adopted by Council that it was discussed at the last meeting. Dave Fries asked Jean Purnell, Assistant Provost to give the highlights of the document. N. Perry moved to approve moving toward implementation of the new model, even while details of the process are being further defined, by promoting a more forward-looking process and testing out key components of the proposal. B. Swaggerty seconded the motion. With a motion on the table, Assistant Provost Purnell gave an overview of the model. She explained that the goal is to continue to move forward with the Ad-hoc Committee named in the February 28th document. She informed the Council although materials are not ready for review, the key components are ready. Craig Vierra and Lydia Fox both of College of the Pacific, shared their concerns and reservations about moving forward without a new permanent Dean in place. Jean Purnell assured Council that there would be a statement included to assure units that the timeline can be extended if need be. Lee Christianson thought adopting the model for the College of the Pacific was premature. Brian Klunk also shared his concerns especially with regards to the gap in leadership. Following discussion, P. Newman suggested that the motion be tabled until a Dean is hired for COP. Provost Gilbertson suggested that suspending COP for a year until a new Dean comes on board and let other schools and departments continue on with the pilot of this model. Dave Fries shared that he would be apprehensive of this because the schools and departments would be missing out on increasing connectivity. After further discussion, N. Perry amended his motion to adopt this proposal if Council would approve a limited pilot of minimal programs with the full proposal being considered in early Fall. John Livesey shared that he thought it is still premature to approve this pilot. N. Perry shared that the advantage of a pilot is that it is experimental not policy. After further lengthy discussion, N. Perry withdrew his motion to move forward with the Pilot of Revised Program Review Procedures due to everyone’s discomfort. L. Kohler also shared that she would like to see the pilot put on hold. The Council was polled and voted 11-9 opposed to moving forward with the pilot.

The proposal was tabled until September 2006.

8. Goals for the Six Commitments in the Pacific Rising 2007-15 planning document

Chair Dave Fries explained the six specific commitments of the Pacific Rising 2007-15 document that was handed out to council members. He asked that the members present divide up into 2 groups and take the last few minutes of the meeting to answer questions on document; with one half of the group starting at the end of the document and other half starting at the beginning of the document to see if we could get some thoughts down on paper. He then instructed them to hand the completed documents into Wendy Conley and informed the Council that the answers will be compiled and either distributed to Council or posted on the Web.

9. What’s on your mind?

R. di Franco moved to thank Dave Fries for his hard work as Chair of the Academic Council. L. Fox seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

10. Adjournment

Provost Gilbertson thanked Dave Fries for his hard work serving as Chair of the Academic Council for the 2005/06 year. Dave Fries invited members to stay for a short reception following the meeting. J. Livesey

made a motion to adjourn the meeting. F. Rose seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at 5:02 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Wendy L. Conley

Academic Council Secretary