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October 13, 2005

University of the Pacific
Academic Council
October 13, 2005
3:00-5:00 PM
Library Community Conference Room

1. Approval of Minutes May 2005 and September 2005 Academic Council Meetings (Action)

2. Chair’s Report (Information)

3. Provost’s Report (Information)

4. Elections of Academic Council Executive Board, replacement for Promotion and Tenure, IPC (Action)

5. Report on Summer School: Assistant Provost Barbara Shaw (Information)

6. Report on Persistence Study: Joanna Royce Davis, Interim VP Student Life, Rob Brodnick, Director Planning & Research (Information)

7. Recommendations to IPC for funding of Academics in 2006-07 year budget (Action)

8. What’s on your mind?

9. Adjournment

(Action) Items documentation can be viewed at: