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President's Office

Executive Assistant to the President

Name (click to email)     Title Office Phone
Ashley WIlliams Headshot Ashley Williams 

Executive Assistant to the President     


President's Office Staff 

Name (click to email)     Title Office Phone
Janine Swanson Janine Swanson Executive Director, Board of Regents and President's Office        209.946.2062
Lynnie Lechich Lynnie Lechich Manager of Presidential Events 209.946.3994
Janae Reinhardt Janae Reinhardt Administrative Assistant 209.946.2222

Additional President's Division Offices and Staff

Office (link to webpage)    Main Contact (click to email) Office Phone
Elizabeth Trayner Title IX Dr. Elizabeth Trayner, Title IX Coordinator 209.946.7770
Title IX Reid Mccormick, Title IX Investigator  209.932.3295
Hector Escalante University Ombuds Hector Escalante, University Ombuds 209.932.3017
Marge Grey Marketing & Communications Marge Grey, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications 209.946.2746
Janet Lucas University Athletics Janet Lucas, Athletic Director 209.946.2392
General Counsel  Kevin Mills, JD, General Counsel 209.932.3014

Speaking Engagement Requests


The Office of the President attempts to accommodate as many speaking requests as possible and appreciates your support of the University.

For requests from departments within the university, please contact Ashley Williams at or 209.932.3357. For media requests, please contact Marge Grey, Associate Vice President Marketing and Communications, at  or 209.946.2746.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's the President's email address?

  2. Who should I call if I have an idea or opportunity for University of the Pacific?

  3. What community partnerships do you have?

  4. How can my community group partner with University of the Pacific?

  5. Who do I call if I have a question about my student's academic progress?

  6. Who can I contact if I have a question about financial aid?

  7. Who should I call if I have a question about housing, dining, or extra-curricular activities at Pacific?

  8. What office should I call to schedule a campus visit?

  • Inviting the president to events: please contact Ashley WIlliams at or 209.932.3357 to discuss your event.

  • New Community Partnerships: please contact the Division of External Relations, under Community Relations Director Mike Klocke at 209.946.3134 or

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  • Academic questions: the Office of the Provost oversees all academic affairs at University of the Pacific. The president and provost encourage students to work with their faculty and deans to resolve academic issues. Please note that federal law prohibits university faculty and administration from discussing a student's academic progress with parents and families unless the student completes a waiver.

  • Student Life questions: or questions about housing, dining and student activities, please contact the Division of Student Life.

  • Campus tours: the Office of Admission welcomes all prospective students to University of the Pacific. Please contact them to arrange a tour of our beautiful campus.

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