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The Paralegal Certificate Course© - Online

Online Program Description

Have you thought about becoming a paralegal but feel that you don't have the time to go back to school? Did you know that the paralegal profession within California is expected grow faster than average when compared to rest of the United States with a 16.7% growth rate in San Joaquin County alone expected from 2008 - 2018? Gain the knowledge you need to break into this highly competitive field.

The Paralegal Certificate Course© in combination with the Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course is designed to meet the requirements of California Business and Professions Code § 6450 (360 clock hours). Upon completion of both courses, students will be properly trained to seek out employment in any state and students with a bachelor's degree in any subject will be eligible to sit for the National Association of Legal Assistants' Certified Paralegal exam.

The Paralegal Certificate Course© includes lectures on how to work as a full-time or part-time paralegal, or how to open your own freelance business. This intensive, nationally acclaimed curriculum is designed for beginning as well as advanced legal workers. Course topics will include how to interview witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law, prepare legal documents, and assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation. The instruction is practice oriented and relates to those areas of the law in which paralegals are most in demand.

2020 Sessions 

Course Outline
The Online Paralegal Certificate Course© is completed in 2 consecutive 7-week sessions, and students can begin with any session offered.

To receive a Certificate of Completion, students must pass numerous quizzes and successfully complete several legal document writing assignments. Students who successfully complete both Paralegal I & II will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from University of the Pacific.

The Online Paralegal Certificate Course© is a 90-hour, 14-week, Continuing Education Unit (CEUs) program providing comprehensive training in preparation of working in the challenging and rapidly growing paralegal profession. This program is designed for those who want to learn more about the American legal system, work in a law office as a paralegal, open a freelance paralegal business, litigate their own cases on a pro se basis, assist retained attorneys in litigating their own cases, or prepare themselves to excel during their first year of law school.

Paralegal I (Seven Weeks- 45 Hours)
Course Code: UPLG 001
Provides the foundation for the study of paralegalism. During this part of the course, we will provide a detailed understanding of the American legal system, legal terminology, and ethics. Instruction will include how to prepare pleadings, discovery, motions, and briefs and will review the rules of evidence and civil procedure.

Paralegal II (Seven Weeks- 45 Hours)
Course Code: UPLG 002
Continues the legal education developed in Paralegal I. This part of the course provides instruction on more advanced paralegal skills including legal research, writing, and proper citation format. Course topics also include how to prepare important legal documents relating to real property, corporations, partnerships, wills, trusts, bankruptcy, and domestic relations. Formal and informal advocacy techniques and principles of appellate procedure will also be covered.

Required Textbooks:
Books are an additional cost and can be purchased directly from The Center for Legal Studies.

Course Fee:
$1,595 (9 CEUs)
This fee covers both the Paralegal I and Paralegal II courses. Both courses must be successfully completed to receive a Certificate of Completion from University of the Pacific.

Additional Information:

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