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Psychology/Comm Bldg, Room 101
Matthew Normand
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


Heather Dunn Carlton, Student Conduct, Carolynn Kohn, Psychology, and graduate students Emily Metz '12 and Nicole Schultz '13 had the paper "Poor pours! Assessing students' knowledge of standard drink sizes" published on the front page of NetResults: Critical Issues for Student Affairs Practitioners on January 11, 2012.

Matt Normand, Psychology, and graduate students Kristin Hustyi '10, Tracy Larson '12, and Allison Morley '12, had the paper, "The effect of outdoor activity context on physical activity in preschool children" accepted for publication in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. The paper is a report of a study conducted by Kristin Hustyi as her thesis research at Pacific.

Professor Published

Matt Normand, Psychology, and Pacific psychology graduate students Tracy Larson '12 and Kristin Hustyi '10 had the paper "Preliminary Evaluation of an Observation System for Recording Physical Activity in Children" published in the journal Behavioral Interventions.

Visiting Scholar Event Hosted by Professor

In August 2011, Matt Normand, Holly White and a team of psychology graduate students hosted a visiting scholar event featuring Dr. David Palmer from Smith College. Dr. Palmer is a noted behavioral psychologist who has published widely on conceptual issues in the experimental analysis of behavior. Dr. Palmer, along with Dr. Matt Normand and Dr. Susan Schneider, presented a public lecture on Saturday, August 13th that was attended by over 50 members of the University and local communities. The Psychology Visiting Scholar program is supported through a grant from the Pacific Fund.

Western Psychological Association Meeting

The following posters were presented by Psychology students and faculty at the recent Western Psychological Association meeting in Los Angeles:

Lynda Lowry (Grad '11), Michael Quan ('11), Carolynn Steiner (Grad '12), Diana Lujano ('13), Bertha Muro ('13) and Scott Jensen (Faculty) presented "Evaluating parental beliefs and behavior among college students enrolled in a parenting course."

Scott Jensen (Faculty), Lynda Lowry (Grad '11), Rebecca Kutcher ('13) and Judith Biesen (Grad '12) presented "Perceptions and use of accommodations among students with disabilities."

Stacy Rilea (Faculty), Rutvi Patel (Grad '12) and Justin Schultz (Grad '10) presented "Physiological feedback and its influence on unrealistic optimism in coronary heart disease."

Stacy Rilea (Faculty), Rutvi Patel (Grad '12), Alisa Gordon ('13), Gregory Hufffman ('13) and David Morin ('13) presented "Emotional attachment to victim as a motivator for eyewitness identification."

Behavior Analysis Conference in Burlingame

Psychology students and faculty presented research at the California Association for Behavior Analysis conference in Burlingame, CA. Two graduate students won student research awards: Mychal Machado '11 won the Julie Vargas Award for research he conducted as his master's thesis. Sean Blumberg '12 won the B. F. Skinner Foundation Research Award that will provide funding for him to conduct his master's thesis.

Mychal Machado '11 presented the paper "Picture this: Smoking cues as elicitors of compensatory responses in smokers" co-authored by Carolynn Kohn and Matt Normand.

Bryon Miller '12 presented the paper "Be healthy: Behavioral assessment of physical activity" co-authored by Matt Normand.

Mychal Machado '11 and Tracy Larson '12 presented the paper "Using functional analysis methodologies in preschool classrooms" co-authored by Holly White and Matt Normand.

Allison Morley '12 presented the paper "Infant sign-language training and functional analysis" co-authored by Matt Normand, Mychal Machado '11, and Kristin Hustyi '10.

Kristin Hustyi '10 presented the paper "Functional analysis of physical activity in preschool children" co-authored by Matt Normand, Tracy Larson '12 and Allison Morley '12.

Carolynn Kohn presented the paper "Prompts or proximity? Recycling old techniques for a new population" co-authored by Mychal Machado '11, Kelly Rush '13, Aryan Bimar '11, Gabriel Bingo '11 and Todd Fabian.

Wes Rieland '09, Carolynn Kohn and Ken Beauchamp presented the poster "Increasing class participation: All in favor, raise your hand."

Bryon Miller '12 presented the poster "Validation of the Fitbit® fitness tracking device" co-authored by Tracy Larson '12 and Matt Normand.

Tracy Larson '12 presented the poster "A comparison of interval recording methods for measuring physical activity levels" co-authored by Bryon Miller '12 and Matt Normand.

Matt Normand served as a discussant for the symposiums "Verbal behavior analysis at California State University, Los Angeles" and "Current research in the functional analysis and treatment of problem behavior."

Paul Bulakowski co-authored the paper "Reexamining the possible benefits of visual crowding: dissociating crowding from ensemble percepts" that was published in the latest issue of the peer reviewed journal Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics.

Professor Awarded B.F. Skinner New Researcher Award

Dr. Normand (left) with B.F. Skinner New Researcher Award
Dr. Normand (left) with B.F. Skinner New Researcher Award

Matt Normand was awarded the B. F. Skinner New Researcher Award for innovative and important research in behavior analysis conducted within the first seven years of receiving a doctorate. The award was presented in August 2011 at the annual convention of the American Psychology Association in Washington D.C., where Dr. Normand gave a speech.

Professors Published

Research by Matt Normand was described in the cover story of the February issue of Scientific American titled "How to Fix the Obesity Crisis."

Deborah Schooler with coauthor Sara Trinh '09 had the paper "Longitudinal associations between television viewing patterns and adolescent body satisfaction" published in the January issue of Body Image: An International Journal of Research.

Matt Normand and Carolynn Kohn had a book review titled "Teach Your Children Well: A Review of Chance's The Teacher's Craft: The Ten Essential Skills of Effective Teaching" accepted for publication in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Matt Normand and graduate students Mychal Machado '10, Kristin Hustyi '10 and Allison Morley '11 had their paper "Infant Sign Training and Functional Analysis" accepted for publication in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. The paper reports the results of a study evaluating a method to teach sign language to very young pre-verbal children.

Matt Normand and graduate students Kristin Hustyi '10 and Tracy Larson '11 had the paper "Behavioral Assessment of Physical Activity in Obese Pre-School Children" accepted for publication in the journal as well. The article reports a study evaluating the effects of a behavioral intervention on child activity levels and an assessment of the validity of a recently developed direct-observation system for scoring child activity levels.

Matt Normand was named an Associate Editor of the journal The Behavior Analyst, the official publication of the Association for Behavior Analysis, International. The journal was first published in 1978 by the Midwestern Association of Behavior Analysis and became the official journal of the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis with its third volume.

Dr. Jensen Wins Corson Award for Distinguished Teaching of Freshmen

Colleagues and students alike find Dr. Scott Jensen intelligent, supportive and approachable. So it is no surprise that he was selected for the Corson Award, which is given each year to one faculty member in the College of the Pacific who has distinguished himself or herself in the teaching of freshmen students.

Learn more about Dr. Jensen's innovative and inspiring teaching practices.

 Dr. Jensen Articles Accepted for Publication

JensenDr. Jensen had his article "Increases in Parent Attendance to Behavioral Parent Training Due to Concurrent Child Treatment Groups" accepted for publication in Child and Youth Care Forum. His article "In-class vs. online video lectures: Similar outcomes, but preference for In-class, and the pitfalls of having a choice" was accepted for publication in the Teaching of Psychology Journal. 

Dr. Normand Named to Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies Advisory Board

Dr. Matthew Normand was named to the advisory board of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. Located in Cambridge, MA, the mission of the Cambridge Center is to advance the scientific study of behavior and its humane application to the solution of practical problems, including the prevention and relief of human suffering. He was also named an associate editor of the journal The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, published by the Association for Behavior Analysis, International.

Professor Contributes Encyclopedia Entry on Kleptomania

Encyclopedia of Psychology  (Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science)

Dr. Carolynn Kohn and Derek Szafranski (MA '10) had an encyclopedia entry on kleptomania published in the fourth edition of The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology (USA: Wiley).