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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Sustainability at the Sacramento Campus

McGeorge School of Law, located in the capital city of the country's largest and most progressive state, presents a unique opportunity to study environmental law. More than any other state, California is the forum in which the major environmental and natural resources disputes of the era are debated and resolved, ranging from endangered species protection to water allocation to wetland preservation. As the state capital, Sacramento is the focal point for California environmental and natural resources law. Environmental legislation is born here. In addition to an outstanding faculty and an outstanding curriculum, the Water and Environmental Certificate of Concentration offers students an extraordinary array of field-placement experiences that allow them to see first-hand and participate involving environmental legal issues. In April 2010, McGeorge announced an Environmental Law Concentration, celebrating its arrival with a talk by nutrition expert Michael Pollan. At a dinner that followed his presentation, the University's Board of Regents announced a $10,000 award to the student Environmental Law Society in support of a Community Garden.

Hybrid vehicleHybrid Public Safety vehicle - In an effort to make the campus vehicle fleet more sustainable, in 2010, the McGeorge School of Law purchased its first Hybrid Public Safety vehicle to replace a former 8-cylinder gas powered patrol car. The purchase of a Ford Escape Hybrid has generated great support of students and staff while also supporting the University's commitment to develop and improve sustainable practices in operations and purchasing policies. The Public Safety Department also proudly promotes its bicycle patrol program as an alternative to patrolling in cruisers with large gas powered engines.

Picture: Director of Public Safety, Alan Smith and Bicycle Officer Reid Galbreath alongside the new Ford Escape Hybrid.

McGeorge Food Services in the Student Center provides biodegradable to-go plates, bowls and coffee cups. They provide a discount, when you use your reusable mug, when purchasing coffee. The Food Services Coordinator works with the Environmental Law Society to provide organic menus, including organic chicken, fruits and vegetables, for their social events. Many members of the McGeorge community shop at the nearby Oak Park Farmers Market. It is hoped that there will be more involvement with the Farmers Market as the McGeorge Community Garden begins to flourish.

Rideshare & Carpooling - Employees, who wish to enroll in the carpool program, can obtain information at the Human Resources Office located in Halbert Hall. The area designated for employee carpooling is located in parking Lot A near the Lecture Hall.

The Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) was established in the Fall of 2009. Their goals are to strengthen the connection between student organizations, the Student Bar Association (SBA), and the staff in order to create a more cohesive platform for sustainable growth and ideas. The SSC has worked closely with the Environmental Law Society (ELS) to ensure maximum efficiency and has coordinated planning of goals and events. With members of the SSC also officers of ELS, they work in collaboration to create a more sustainable campus.

2010 Accomplishments:

  • Worked with administration and partners to complete a sustainability report of the McGeorge Campus
  • Worked in collaboration with the ELS during sustainability month
  • Worked with administration to get sprinklers on a timer system
  • Working with student organizations to encourage them to hold campus events in a sustainable manner
3200 Fifth Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 739-7191