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Social Entrepreneurship Online Certificate Program

What is Social Entrepreneurship? 

Social Entrepreneurs identify a chronic social or environmental problem and use entrepreneurial principles to create innovative for-profit businesses, social enterprises, or sustainable nonprofits that permanently eradicate the underlying causes. Traditional charity and "band-aid" assistance are only temporary, and do not get to the root of social issues - social entrepreneurship provides sustainable, systemic change. While a business entrepreneur typically measures performance in terms of profit and financial return on investment, a social entrepreneur prioritizes performance in social impact and problem alleviation.

Why Choose This Certificate Program?

The Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program is a six-month online curriculum where students learn to combine business acumen and social curriculum mission to make a sustainable difference in the world.

The courses offer a high level of information and instruction, engaging content, online lectures, and interactive discussions. The online nature of the program provides unparalleled scheduling flexibility and an international peer group with unique global perspectives. Our world renowned practitioner-professor, Martín Burt, teaches practical, real-world tested techniques, delivering an insider's look at the nuts and bolts of the field. Classes are small and each student is given direct personal attention and feedback. Program participation also partners you with Pacific's Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship, gaining you access to their international network of distinguished organizations and businesses, funding resources, conferences, and competitions.

This certificate program is taught by visiting professor Martín Burt and consists of the following three courses:

I. XINT 196: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship (3 undergraduate academic units, $895) Gain foundational knowledge and explore the broad field of social entrepreneurship. This course introduces students to the history, theory, practice, and emerging trends in social enterprises around the world. Syllabus
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II. XINT 198: Business Plans for Social Entrepreneurial Organizations (3 undergraduate academic units, $895)
In this course students learn to develop feasibility studies and evaluate business plans in the context of social entrepreneurship, including social enterprises and non-profit organizations. Syllabus
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II. XINT 199: Monitoring and Evaluation for High Impact Social Mission Organizations  (3 undergraduate academic units, $895)
The final piece of the curriculum challenges students to develop measurable outcomes and systems for monitoring and evaluating social impact and return on investment from a social enterprise. Syllabus
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Upon satisfactory completion of all three courses, students will be eligible to receive a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship in addition to academic credit from the University of the Pacific's Center for Professional and Continuing Education. If all three courses are taken program cost drops to $2,385 If you are enrolling in all 3 courses use code: CERT at checkout

This course is not currently being offered. Please check back for course dates.

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