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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

February 3, 2011

Information Strategy and Policy Committee
Minutes of February 3, 2011
1:00pm - 2:30pm
Library Community Room

Present: Mary Lou Lackey, Daniel Bender, Lynn Fox, Sondra Roueny, Jim Hetrick, Janice Johnson, Cathy Dodson, Jaci Griffen

Absent: Steve Jacobson

Staff Present: Malik Raham, Robert Brodnick

Guests: Peggy Kay, Greg Mathes, Robert Henderson, Raybel Ramos, Rod Cook, Scott Christensen

Call to Order: 1:05pm

Minutes: Minutes from the November 18th meeting were approved.

Introductions: The committee introduced themselves to Malik Rahman, the new CIO for the Pacific Technology.

FY11 IT Updates:
Video Conferencing: Phase one of video conferencing was funded this year. Henderson mentioned that bids are due back for an equipment list this Friday. He is currently in the middle of doing interviews for a Conferencing admin to support this project going forward on a full time basis. A new Video Surveillance admin was hired in early November.

Reporting: Last week there was a strategic reporting assessment that walked through strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges associated with implementing a new tool. The contracts have been signed for the Argos tool. There will be a kickoff meeting and the training will include both the tool and the meta-data in the operational store. There are 8 training sessions contracted to begin with and after that, there will be a determination if more is needed. All three campuses were included in the reporting assessment.

Document Management: Kay mentioned that the reference checking is finished.

Classroom Technology: Christensen said that last year 30 rooms were installed with the new technology. Currently there are 16 rooms in the draft stages that have been identified and another 16 that are on the list as potentials. There was a sub-component for video streaming, Kalpataru, and it was put into production.

IPC Process Update: Brodnick briefly went over the process of IPC and the current status of this year's budget requests. He mentioned that enhancing Pacific's Development is a top priority, that a discretionary fund will be allocated for the new Provost, and an allocation was made for Safety and Security. The members of IPC voted on the remaining list of requests and discussed allocating Block Grants to each division, having the VPs decide where the money goes. After next week's Preliminary Budget Forums, on March 1st, IPC will meet and finalize the budget recommendations and forward them to the President.

View of the CIO: Raham thanked everyone for his or her hard work on the committee. He mentioned that it's a huge responsibility to balance the wants and needs that are always more than the exceeded resources available. He explained that we need to unify our teams at the university and even though organizationally we sit in different areas and report to different structures we should have a relationship where we jointly deliver services. The main goal is to deliver quality services to students and faculty. He mentioned that the operating model will be open, participative, collaborative, and that the OIT team will take input and jointly make decisions.

Lackey said we're going to see a multi-faceted look at a better set of policies and procedures across all three campuses. The Regents mentioned having their own polices and how they shouldn't be in a faculty handbook. Also the issue of administrative procedures came up and whether or not to have them and where they should reside.

Meeting Schedule: The committee was encouraged to attend the IPC open campus Preliminary Budget forum on the February 17th at 12:00pm and ISPC will meet directly after as scheduled.

Adjourned: 2:09pm