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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

November 18, 2010

Information Strategy and Policy Committee
Minutes of November 18, 2010
1:00pm - 2:30pm
Taylor Room

Present: Mary Lou Lackey, Roy Bergstrom, Lynn Fox, Jim Hetrick, Janice Johnson, Susan LeGreco, Sondra Roeuny, Jaci Griffen, Steve Jacobson

Absent: None

Staff Present: Peggy Kay, Robert Brodnick

Guests: Greg Mathes, Robert Henderson, Raybel Ramos, Scott Christensen

Call to Order: 1:05pm

Minutes: Minutes from the November 4th meeting were approved.

Final Review of FY12-13 OIT Budget Request and Cover Letter to IPC: The committee discussed the final review of the FY12-13 budget requests. Kay clarified that under the Classroom Technology section, Computer Lab Interaction Software, it is to cover 2-3 labs in the university. They discussed replacing this with Microsoft office software, so the numbers wouldn't change, just the description. The committee agreed that it should still remain in the Classroom Technology grouping.

The issue of Document Management came up; demos will be done in the end of December, reference checks in January, and an award towards the end of January. There are one-time monies that could carry though to the next fiscal year but it would have to be put as an extreme mandatory by FY13. It will not stop the project from next year but Kay wanted the committee to be aware. For budget requests, the committee would make commitments based on the one-time monies they would go forward with. As they sign the license for the software, they committed to the maintenance and hardware components and storage associated with it. The committee agreed to keep it on the budget request list for IPC.

Kay suggested that Web Support be higher on the priority list because there has been a lot of feedback regarding delays and it is necessary to have a staff person that would help to manage the search function and clean up old content. Kay mentioned that if the committee agreed that the search function is adequate today, then it could be something to put off until next year.

Mathes stressed the importance on Security and how the Patch Management piece of that is very important going forward. He mentioned that there has been a mixture of viruses that are slipping through and patches are not being applied quickly enough as they could be and the University will be paying for it later if it's not taken care of sooner. Lackey mentioned that during the December 7th IPC budget requests presentation, that even though this item is number 5 on the list, the subcategory of Patch Management can be stressed as a high priority. Brodnick said that if this whole bundle can't be funded, to make it clear that this one sub-category in the bundle is more critical than the rest, but to be cautious of the wording.

The committee agreed to make it clear in the requests that there be narratives recommending the critical priorities from each of the 7 initiatives. To make it clear which are most critical in each category so that there is progress in all 7 for the University.

Brodnick recommended that the letter to IPC follow strategic initiatives, clearly state the value to the end user, have the one-time and base ad requests separate, have FTEs addressed, as well as have attachments.

Adjourned: 2:26pm