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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

January 25, 2011

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of January 25, 2011
2:00pm - 5:00pm
DUC 211 A & B

Present: President Eibeck, Francois Rose, Chris Johnston, Tom Krise, Peg Ciccolella, Matthew Downs, Patrick Cavanaugh, Jin Gong, Elizabeth Griego, Dan Shipp, Kelli Page, Cathy Peterson, Gene Pearson, Nejat Duzgunes, Nathan Quist, Marcus Perrot, Robert Brodnick

Absent: Mary Lou Lackey, Patrick Ferrillo, Ted Leland

Guests: Bob Murta, Roy Bergstrom, Phil Oppenheimer

Call to Order: 2:05pm

Minutes: Minutes for the January 18, 2011 meeting were approved.

Budget Presentations:
McGeorge School of Law: Presented by Bob Murta
The committee reviewed the Proposed FY 2011-12 Budget document for the Law School. The document covered general assumptions, performance indicators, strategy, enrollment, tuition history, proposed budget expenditures, unrestricted revenue projections, as well as the FY12 preliminary budget.

Strategy for FY2011-12
1. Reduce size of the entering class to 250 day/50 evening (down from 297/50).
2. Raise incoming credentials to maintain or improve US News rankings.
3. Freeze growth of current operating expense budgets to actual FY2009-10 levels.

Dugoni School of Dentistry: Presented by Roy Bergstrom
The committee reviewed the FY2011-12 Proposed Budget document for the Dental School. The document covered budgeted enrollment, tuition and fee history, tuition and fee adjustments, performance indicators, new clinic model funding, financial compliance, other funds, FY12-13 proposed budget and FY12 budget variances.

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences: Presented by Phil Oppenheimer
The committee reviewed the FY12 Proposed IPC Budget Request booklet for the Pharmacy School. The booklet covered application trends, cost of education comparison, projected costs of education, challenges, a tuition differential proposal, introductory pharmacy practice experience requirement, community outreach, as well as a detailed budget highlights.

Discussion of Stockton Campus Budget Recommendations:
Rose thanked Peterson, Pearson, and Shipp who took time to work with Rose on redesigning the recommendations document.

The Process:
1. With the spreadsheet of all requests, the IPC will prioritize a certain number of these as essential for recommended funding. This process will be conducted as a vote with those items with the greatest number of votes being recommended as essential. Each voting IPC member should mark those items they believe are essential by placing a 1 or X in column Q of the spreadsheet. The members will save the spreadsheet with their updates and email it to before 9am on Friday, January 28, 2011.

2. The IPC chair and staff will meet on Monday to tally the results and create a spreadsheet that deducts the total of those most highly recommended items from the balance. Of those funds remaining, an initial distribution of this balance will be made as an allocation to each division. This allocation will be at the discretion of the vice president to fund remaining unfunded or other items as they see fit.

3. On or about Tuesday, February 1, a second spreadsheet will be distributed to the IPC electronically indicating the essential items that resulted from the vote as well as a draft of the % distribute for allocation to the divisions discretionary funds. The IPC will be asked to vote again indicating their preferences for the % distribution. A simple format will be constructed in the spreadsheet to make this obvious. The members will be asked to save the spreadsheet with their updates and email it to before 9am on Friday, February 4, 2011.

4. These results will be tallied and a first draft of the recommended budget will be prepared for presentation and discussion at the February 8 IPC meeting. With a consensus, the IPC will move forward with the campus forums and open review of the recommendations.

5. With input from the community, a final budget recommendation will be discussed at the March 1 IPC meeting.

The next IPC meeting on February 8, 2011 will be located in the Library Community Room.

Adjourned: 3:29pm