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Residential Life & Housing

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, M-F
McCaffrey Center, 2nd Fl.
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Residential Life

Build a Community by Cohort 

In the residence halls, lifelong friendships take root and the experience of living on campus generates a whole new definition of "family" and "home". 

As we seek to provide excellent customer service, our team works to listen and expediently address our residents' needs and concerns, therefore ensuring the best possible residential life experience. Living within Pacific's residential campus community, students find their pursuit of knowledge enhanced and their range of cultural and social opportunities expanded. 

At Pacific, we have divided the residential facilities so that we can provide intentional educational strategies focused on your personal growth and development. 

Our Strategies

Home to Your Virtual Community

Currently living on campus? Log in to RoomPact and discover a way to connect to your community. You can also find resources and other forms to be completed. 

Log in to RoomPact. 


Your Resident Assistant will be reaching out to you to on a one-on-one basis to get to know you more and to figure out based on some set questions, what is the best way to assist and support you during your time at Pacific. One-on-ones take place once to twice a semester depending on which community you live in. 

Socials & Engagement 

On Saturday evenings, you can join us at Calaveras Hall stage/patio area for socials from 7pm to 9pm hosted by our own student leadership groups: Residence Hall Association (RHA), National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), Community Councils, and our Lead Resident Assistants. Your Resident Assistants will also be working to create more opportunities to connect with you and your peers through this semester. 

Monthly Check-Ins 

Our Resident Assistants put their #pawsout to their residents at the start of every month! Through virtual check-ins, you will get to know more about the Pacific Community and build strong connections. 


Our Area Coordinators will be sending newsletters every other week with community information, educational tips about our curriculum, and ways to build community. 

Bulletin Boards 

Posted throughout our communities are bulletin boards with information about living on campus, our Resident Assistants, and services & events hosted by our campus partners. 

  • Residential Life Team  


    With oversight for the 18 residence hall facilities, 3 residential learning communities, and the development of related policies, the Residential Life staff is experienced in the areas of student development, programming, residential curriculum, crisis response, and campus resource information.


    The Associate Director is responsible for overall leadership, management, and oversight of Residential Life, including the residential curriculum for the three cohorts, selection, training, development, and evaluation of master's level professionals and student team members. 

    Maria Lazaro
    Associate Director
    Tel: 209.946.2355


    The  AD is a full-time, live-on professional staff with a Master's degrees who is specifically trained in all aspects of residential life, including: counseling, conflict mediation, programming, and conduct. Housed in Chan Family Hall, the AD develops and coordinates the implementation of the Residential Currlculum, the Residential Learning Communities, and RA training and development. The AD also oversees the development and engagement of our Student Leadership organizations. 

    Leticia Snoots-Caballero
    Assistant Director 
    Tel: 209.932.2883

    Area Coordinators (ACs)

    ACs at Pacific are full-time professional staff with Master degrees responsible for the operation of 3‐10 residence halls, apartment communities or Greek facilities, which includes the supervision of Resident Assistants and Lead Resident Assistants.  ACs work with staff and students to build safe, positive, and inclusive communities; meet with students regarding policies and guidelines; and ensure the proper upkeep of facilities and grounds.

    Community Buildings/Locations Area Coordinator
    John Ballantyne Hall, Carter House, Eiselen House, Ritter House, Jessie Ballantyne Hall, Casa Werner, Price House, Farley, and Wemyss 

    Bakari Benton

    Casa Jackson, Grace Covell Hall, Alpha Phi, Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Chi, Towerview Apartments 

    Luis Becerril

    Calaveras Hall, Theta Chi, Townhouse Apartments

    Ihab A. Saud

    McCaffrey, Chan Family Hall, and Monagan Hall 

    Ruth Quintanilla

  • Residential Life Safety 

    Our Part

    Our part is to make sure that the infrastructure (i.e. locks, lighting, fire equipment etc.), policies and procedures reflect the best way to keep you safe. 

    • Resident Assistants will walk through buildings on a daily basis to check for exterior facility concerns like lighting while also reporting any suspicious activity. They will also document any policy violations. 
    • Each semester we conduct Fire Drills in which you will be expected to evacuate from a buildign and there a Residential Life team member will review the importance of evacuating when the fire alarm goes off. 
    • Each semester Resident Assistants conduct Health and Safety checks. They will enter rooms in pairs to check to see if the room has any items that could be hazardous - including daisy chaining plugs (when you plug an extension cord into an extension cord) or candles that have ebeen banned as a fire hazard. 

    Public Community SAFE Program

    Public Safety and Residential Life & Housing have partnered up for our Pacific Community SAFE program. We believe in strong community relationships between our team, our Public Safety Department, and you. Each of our residence communities on campus will be paired up with a Public Safety liaison officer/sergeant for the year. These partnerships will allow officers to connect with the residents and Residential Life team members of each community while more effectively educating and ensuring the safety of our students.

    It is important that safety is taken seriously. It is your responsibility to:

    • Follow the policies outlined in the Tiger Lore
    • Adhere to the Student Housing Agreement
    • Follow directions given by Resident Assistants and professional staff
    • Not let people into buildings or parking area
    • Know who to notify in case or an emergency
    • Pay attention to basic safety skills.

    For more information about Tiger Lore and its policies, click here to visit the website.

    Pacific Connect - Emergency Notification System

    You can also sign up through inside Pacific to receive emergency notifications from the University. You can include cell phone numbers and email addresses to receive text messages, voicemail, and/or emails in the event of a crisis.

  • Residential Curriculum 


    A residential curriculum is a curriculum approach to residential education. The curriculum created at Pacific is an intentional way of promoting learning in our residential facilities.


    As a result of living on campus at Pacific, residents will be confident and culturally responsive individuals engaged in their communities.


    Intercultural Competence: We believe intercultural competence is the willingness to immerse oneself in continuous learning about diverse perspectives, communities, and lived experiences. Living in the residential communities will provide an environment for students to understand their own intersecting identities and engagement with people to successfully navigate an increasingly diverse environment.

    Interpersonal Skills:We believe that the development of interpersonal skills will support and encourage confident individuals in becoming proficient in communication and in navigating conflict towards building and sustaining relationships. Empathy, emotional intelligence, and the ability to engage in self-reflective practices will lead to open and respectful discourse that will further positive impacts within an individual's sphere of influence.

    Leadership: We believe that leadership is meaningful engagement in our communities that is grounded in values, integrity, and commitment. Living on campus nurtures one's abilities to be adaptable to change and ambiguity as they become responsible leaders. As such, residents will develop ethical decision-making skills and garner a sense of responsibility for their community.

    Self-Reliance: We believe that self-reliance is the confidence and ability to move towards a stronger sense of self. This includes strength in the face of adversity, courage when navigating failure, and pride in the ownership of their own education. Using introspective practices, residents will be able to recognize when they need to seek out community resources that will support and inform their well-being.


    Curriculum Strategies

       Overview of Socials Hosted by Residential Life

  • Student Leadership Opportunities 

    Become a Resident Assistant (RA)

    RAs are full-time students and student leaders trained by the professional staff and campus partners. An RA serves as the day‐to‐day contact person with residents. Each RA is responsible for building community on a floor/section, serving as a resource for residents, and communicating policies and regulations. RAs are first responders in student conflict, crisis, and emergencies. They are also role models who serve the needs of students by providing program opportunities, developing safe and comfortable residence hall communities and helping students become acquainted with the campus, the community and its resources.

    Becoming a Resident Assistant is a great way to get involved. RAs receive a scholarship which assists with room and board charges. To be considered for an RA position,you must have a 2.5 GPA and at least have a second year class standing by the time you start the position. RAs are also required to be available for training requirements and weekly meetings from 7pm to 9pm.

    It is not a requirment for the position that a student has lived on campus previously.  For more details contact

    Interested in being a Resident Assistant? Information and application here.

    Currently a Resident Assistant and/or Lead Resident Assistant and interested in being a Resident Assistant at Pacific for the 2022-2023 academic year? Information and application here. 

    Currently a Resident Assistant and/or Lead Resident Assistant and interested in being a Lead Resident Assistant at Pacific for the 2022-2023 academic year? Information and application here. 


    If you're looking for a great way to get involved, check out RHA and your Residence Hall's Hall Government. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the student government for all on-campus residence halls and apartment communities. RHA conducts educational, social, cultural, and recreational programming for all the halls. Anyone living in a residential facility belongs to RHA, that means you, your roommate and all your friends who live in the halls. RHA is here to represent and entertain YOU! 

    Questions? Contact RHA. 


    Another way to get involved in the residence halls is through the NRHH. NRHH is most known for recognizing communities, faculty, staff, students, programs each month. These awards are called "Of the Months" or OTMS. Local award winners are submitted for regional and then national consideration within their category. The next national or regional winner may be YOU!

    Membership to NRHH is restricted to 1% of the residents with a minimum of 26 units, 2.5 cumulative GPA, and two semesters at Pacific. If you have a question or comment, send an email to