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Sustainable Management Certificate - Online

Online Program Overview 

Sustainable management is managing a firm so that it generates profits for its owners, protects the environment, and improves the lives of the people with whom it interacts. The business case for sustainable management is that it can help a company's long-run profitability and success.

Date: Open rolling enrollment. Start anytime - up to 6 months to complete.

Overview of Sustainable Management

You'll learn to define sustainability and its application in an organizational setting, describe the connection between the environment and sustainability. Explain the business case for sustainable management and recognize the role of government regulation in corporate sustainability efforts. Discuss leadership in sustainable management, outline the criticisms of corporate sustainability and apply sustainable management principles to workplace scenarios.

Course code: UMDE 125 $99 (.5 CEUs)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the concept of organizations taking responsibility for their impact on society and the environment. Businesses which embrace CSR promote the public interest through what they do (for example, encouraging community growth and development) and what they refrain from doing (for example, eliminating or avoiding practices that harm stakeholders, regardless of whether such practices are legal). CSR is the inclusion of the public interest into corporate decision-making.

Course code: UMDE 126 $99 (.5 CEUs)

Measuring Sustainable Management Performance

One well-known business saying is that you can't manage what you can't measure. With the growing importance of sustainable management, business leaders must find the appropriate tools and techniques for measuring their organization's sustainability performance. This course reviews the measurement of sustainable management practices and performance.

Course code: UMDE 127 $99 (.5 CEUs)

Sustainable Management: Leadership Ethics

Leaders are increasingly being held responsible and accountable for the manner in which they lead--and if they are adhering to ethical behavior when they make decisions. Organizations have learned that the costs of unethical actions can be high, both legally, and from the perspective of brand image and reputation.

At the same time, research is showing that good business ethics translates to good business results. Leading in an ethical manner can provide a clear advantage in building a thriving enterprise.
This course reviews the key issues surrounding leadership and business ethics.

Course code: UMDE 128 $99 (.5 CEUs)

Triple Bottom Line Accounting

In order to pursue the goal of sustainability, corporate and government leaders must manage companies and economies in terms of balancing and optimizing the triple bottom line of social, environmental, and economic impacts. The Triple Bottom Line concept, also known as the "3Ps" ("People, Planet, and Profit"), is both a metaphor for thinking about sustainability as well as the basis for a practical framework for accounting and reporting on organizations' activities and impacts. The TBL concept borrows the well-known and widely accepted idea of financial accounting and its "bottom line" and expands it.

Course code: UMDE 129 $99 (.5 CEUs)

Course Fee
Individual courses: $99 (.5 CEUs)
Certificate/all courses: $459 (2.5 CEUs)

Please note: Login information and instructions will be sent to you from within one business day of registering. If you do not receive anything within two days, please check your spam folder and call our office to verify your email address.

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