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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

January 11, 2011

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of January 11, 2011
2:00pm - 4:00pm
DUC 211 A & B

Present: President Eibeck, Francois Rose, Mary Lou Lackey, Chris Johnston, Peg Ciccolella, Matthew Downs, Patrick Cavanaugh, Marcus Perrot, Patrick Ferrillo, Jin Gong, Elizabeth Griego, Ted Leland, Dan Shipp, Kelli Page, Cathy Peterson, Gene Pearson, Nathan Quist, Robert Brodnick

Absent: Nejat Duzgunes, Tom Krise

Guests: Richard Rojo

Call to Order: 2:04pm

Minutes: Minutes for December 7, 2010 were approved.

Stockton Campus Budget Forum Planning: Brodnick mentioned that the intent of the forum is to give the campus an opportunity to hear IPC's recommendations and give feedback. The dates are scheduled for Thursday, February 17th from 12:00-1:00pm and Friday, February 18th from 12:30-1:30pm, both in the Regents Room in Anderson Hall. Rose asked the committee to consider attendance and indicate which forum(s) they could attend at the next IPC meeting.

Stockton Campus Administrative Budget Presentations continued:

Marketing and University Communications: Presented by Richard Rojo
Primary Budget Requests:
1. Executive Assistant
2. Unit Communications Manager 1
3. Unit Communications Manager 2
4. Marketing Director
5. Videographer

Core Identity Research & Development:
Investment and initiative

Stockton Campus Academic Budget Presentation: Presented by Patrick Ferrillo
All Academic Unit Requests:
Categories listed in priority order (including unit):
Mandatory (4 FTE)
1. SOECS Graduate Program: New Faculty
2. SOECS Graduate Program: New Faculty Operations
3. SOECS Graduate Program: Faculty Startup
4. SOECS Graduate Program: Administrative Support
5. RGS Graduate Program: GA Stipends
6. MUS Structural Deficit Adjunct Instruction
7. ENRL Student Wages, Staff Overtime
8. ENRL Records Coordinator II
9. COP/EDU/MUS/ENG Equitable Dept. Chair Compensation

Enhance the Academic Enterprise (9 FTE)
1. LIB Materials Budget Increase 15%
2. COP Pacific Humanities Scholar Program
3. EDU Faculty Salary-Special Ed
4. COP BIO Faculty: Asst. Professor
5. COP CHEM Faculty: Asst. Professor
6. SOECS Bio Engineering Faculty
7. BUS Fletcher Jones Chair shortfall
8. MUS Administrative Assistant II perm funding
9. PHS Adjunct to maintain FY11 enrollment (one time)
10. RGS GA Stipend Budget for Pharm/Chem
11. COP Chemistry Research Lab Renovation (one time)
12. PHS Physical Therapy Faculty
13. COP PACS Full time Instructor
14. IPS Faculty/Staff Immigration Specialist
15. MUS Replace AV Equipment in Faye Spanos Concert Hall
16. MUS TSP/Media Services to full time

1. FY12 WASC Expenses (one time)

1. Financial Aid Counselor

Diversity & Inclusivity
1. Target of Opportunity Fund

Innovation Initiatives Funding (all one time)
1. IAI Inter American Initiative- Academic Coordinator, International Outreach
2. IAI Inter American Initiative- Operations Budget
3. SIS Model United Nations

1. Clerkship Rotation Site Payment

President's Budget Perspective:
1. Demographics of high school graduates: across the nation, the number of HS graduates will decrease overtime. In CA, HS grads will stay flat, but over half will come from demographics with less resources to pay tuition.
2. The majority of our revenue comes from the three professional programs, but two of these programs have significant shifts occurring nationally likely leading to reduced enrollments in the future, hence less revenues.
3. Tuition growth: In a few years, Pacific's tuition will reach our target level relative to our peer institutions. After that, tuition growth will stabilize to a lower level, most likely at 4%.This level will barely cover normal increases in costs, and not allow investments.
4. Adults seeking higher education is the only growing demographic, and an area that we don't focus on now.
5. Once the UC and CSUs adjust their budgets and tuition increases, they will likely present the competition to the private sector that they did before the budget crisis.

Upcoming efforts:
1. We must focus on initiatives that can grow revenue streams. A different budgeting system will help that.
2. Look at how we can improve what we do now. For example, investment in fundraising will help in the future for additional revenue streams. In addition, better retention of undergraduates is essential for the students and for our revenue.
3. We must focus our efforts on what we are good at. For example, WASC pointed out that the University can't continue to have so many centers and initiatives.
4. Curricular Efficiency: Can curricular requirements and course offerings be more efficient? Should some majors be realigned to areas of growing demand?
5. We also need to look at efficiencies of the non-academic operations, including administration.

Implications for the IPC budget decisions:
Consider how budget proposals are aligned to the strategic priorities and consider "saving" some of the increase in revenues to invest in these priorities the next couple of years.

1. Enhance the academic enterprise
2. Undertake rigorous development, diversification, and management of resources
3. Initiate Pacific's development into a Three-City University
4. Establish and communicate Pacific's core identity
5. Enrich the diversity and inclusivity of the University
6. Serve our communities through partnerships at the local, national and global levels
7. Expand international competence as a hallmark of Pacific's education

Next week's meeting will include a visit from Regent Corkern.

Adjourned: 4:00pm