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Physical Plant and Sustainability

Energy Efficiency

Each year Pacific completes a significant number of energy efficiency projects.

These projects typically include installing LED exit signs, more efficient lighting, and adding efficient boilers, air conditioners, and heaters to older campus buildings and residence halls.

Pacific promotes life-cycle costing, which includes the installation of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. New building designs utilize indirect lighting and natural ventilation systems to reduce air-cooling costs and heat gain from solar energy.

Despite an expansion of campus facilities in recent years, the overall consumption of energy-both electrical and natural gas-has reduced on the Stockton campus.

The long term project to replace existing building lighting with modern high-efficiency lighting is now approximately 60% complete based on square footage of building space. Almost all building exit signs have been upgraded to high-efficiency LED fixtures.

Summer of 2011 with improvements to LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting technology we began replacing older exterior lighting with LED lighting. We are presently retrofitting  all side walk lights with LED kits. This summer we intend on finishing the parking lot lighting so 99.9% of all exterior lighting will be LED by the end of summer 2015. 

Please see attached Senior Engineering Project: Sustainability Lighting Project Analysis

Efficient Electric Vehicle Project And Bike Rack Project

To encourage use of alternative transportation methods racks which can accommodate over 200 bikes, have been added to the campus in the past three years to supplement the many previously installed. To reduce energy consumption, solar panels have been installed on 42 electric electric carts, approximately one-half of the electric carts operated by Support Services. In the past 7 years Physical Plant has eliminated over a dozen fossil fuel vehicles and replaced with electric vehicles with solar assist panels. 

Water Efficiency

Reducing campus water use has become a growing priority in recent years.

In 2008, Pacific installed a new computerized campus irrigation control system, which is projected to help reduce water use by 30% annually. A new mainline and pump connecting the campus irrigation system and the Calaveras River was installed during 2010. This installation raised the use of non-potable water for irrigation from 58% to approximately 80% on the campus. An ongoing water conservation initiative involves replacing inefficient fixtures in residence halls with low flow shower heads and toilet fixtures. The installation of these fixtures campus wide is projected to significantly reduce Pacific's water footprint. We just completed the green house water recovery system installation which will save over 160,000 gallons of potable water each year.