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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

November 4, 2010

Information Strategy and Policy Committee
Minutes of November 4, 2010
1:00pm - 2:30pm    
Library Community Room

Present: Mary Lou Lackey, Roy Bergstrom, Lynn Fox, Jim Hetrick, Janice Johnson, Susan LeGreco

Absent: Sondra Roeuny, Jaci Griffen, Steve Jacobson

Staff: Peggy Kay, Robert Brodnick

Guests: Greg Mathes, Robert Henderson, Rod Cook, Scott Christensen, Raybel Ramos, Larry Brehm

Call to Order: 1:06pm

Minutes: Minutes from the October 21st meeting were approved.

Budget Process Overview: Brodnick briefly discussed the budget process to the committee. On December 7th there will be a series of presentations to IPC on administrative budget requests. The committee will ultimately put together a letter explaining the evaluation of the priorities and recommendations. Lackey mentioned that what has not been determined is how blocks grants will be handled. It is currently unknown how much of the additional funding will be directed towards block grants.

FY12-13 OIT Budget Requests: Kay mentioned that she has been working on classifying the project proposals into bundles of technology. The 5 groups are OIT Mandatory, Classroom Technology, Video Conferencing & Web, Document Management, and Risk Management. Under the OIT Mandatory section, the group decided to change FY11 New Position Upkeep to FY11 New Positions Upkeep because there are 6. The upkeep funding includes computers, technology, travel, and training.

TSP top priority list:

  1. Three-campus patch management system: The University handles centralized patching for the OS on a workstation. It currently doesn't have a mechanism or an infrastructure in place to manage the patches on applications such as Office or Adobe.
  2. Thin Client Infrastructure
  3. Microsoft site license for Office
  4. Media content and web
  5. Go Print
The committee discussed the idea of deferring the Thin Client Infrastructure this year and using this year to get the word out and educate people about it and then put it as a high priority request for next year. The committee thought the new CIO should have an input on this type of architectural change.

Hetrick suggested possibly sub-prioritizing within each bundle, having some spread over 2 or 3 years. He also suggested putting a letter "C" by the line item indicating that it is currently going, such as Classroom Technology, Video Conferencing, and Document Management all of which that started last year.

After discussing the bundling of priorities, the committee agreed to unbundle the five categories of funding priorities provided and regrouped them into 7 categories - Mandatory, Classroom Technology, Security, Video Conferencing, Document Managment, Disaster Recovery, and Web Support. Lackey asked everyone to go back to his or her representative or unit and ask if there are any items that should be on the discretionary list that are not currently listed. She also asked everyone to prioritize within these groupings so that by the next meeting, a draft of letter should be ready for any last minute alterations and thus forwarded to IPC.

Adjourned: 2:22pm