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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211


University of the Pacific has long been committed to helping address the challenges facing the Central Valley and its residents.

Since 1969, for example, more than 1,000 local students - all of them low-income, first-generation college-goers - have graduated with support from the University's Community Involvement Program. In addition, the more than 60,000 hours of free speech-language therapy Pacific students have provided at the Scottish Rite Language Disorders Center have helped build the communications skills - and, in many cases, the confidence - local children need to flourish in the classroom.

Still, while we believe that the efforts o individual organizations have an important role in improving our community, it is clear that solving the  Central Valley's deep-rooted problems also requires a new, strategic and collaborative approach.

In 2010, President Pamela Eibeck convened a series of six community forums aimed at identifying and assessing the community's needs and goals. The forum series, called "Beyond Our Gates: Into the Community," covered topics crucial to our region's future: healthcare; the economy; energy and the environment; education; diversity; and arts & culture.

During these public forums, residents were invited to share their insights and suggestions. In response, the University developed new and powerful partnerships, including the Beyond Our Gates Reading by Third campaign.

The success of our community-engagement agenda depends on the passion of Pacific's faculty, staff, students and partners. Our goals are ambitious, but we believe that by working in close collaboration, we are on a path toward achieving them.