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Student Leadership Development
DeRosa University Center

3601 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA, 95211


University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Student Leadership Development

Leadership At Pacific

Leadership as an academic goal at the University of the Pacific has been widely vetted and strongly embraced by faculty and staff for many years. Leadership is included in Pacific's mission statement formulated in 1996: to provide a superior, student-centered learning experience integrating liberal arts and professional education and preparing individuals for lasting achievement and responsible leadership in their careers and communities. Leadership is expressly included in the core values and educational commitments at Pacific. In 2009, Pacific faculty, staff, and administration formally adopted collaboration and leadership as one of Pacific's seven institutional learning objectives. 

Institutional Learning Objective: Collaboration and Leadership:

  • Work collaboratively with others toward a common goal.
  • Demonstrate effective social interaction skills appropriate to the occasion, task, and audience.
  • Influence others ethically toward achievement of a common goal to effect positive change.
  • Demonstrate accountability for one's decisions and actions.

Definition of Responsible Leadership

Following a six-month drafting and dialogue process that included contribution from students through ASuop, staff through Staff Advisory Council and other groups, faculty through their School/College, the Council of Deans, Academic Council, and the President's Cabinet, the following definition and guiding statements for leadership development at Pacific were formally adopted to guide educational efforts with students. 

Responsible leadership at Pacific is an ethical act of inspiring others toward effecting positive change through the accomplishment of a common goal. Further, it is beleived that leadership is a function of leadership identity and interpersonal skill development. 

At Pacific, We Believe: 

  • Leadership can be developed. 
  • Leadership occurs inclusively among diverse members of groups. 
  • Leaders are most effective when a core set of competencies is mastered. 
  • Leadership involves building an independent identity. 
  • Responsible leadership is a function of leadership identity development and leadership competence development. 

Our Story:

Beginning in 2010, Student Leadership Development was established to support the university wide learning outcomes of Collaboration and Leadership, and explicitly address the concept of responsible leadership embedded in University of the Pacific's mission statement.

WHY We Exist:

Student Leadership Development exists to inspire all students to effect positive change through exploring who they are, what impact they can have for the greater good, and why that's vital for our future.