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Scheduling Services

All registered student clubs and organizations can use centralized scheduling services to reserve space on campus. This includes classrooms, a theater, any lawn, or space in the McCaffrey Center.

Facility Reservations

If your event requires a standard set-up and is to be held during usual operating hours, you must complete a Facilities Reservation Request at least 72 hours in advance of the event .

If your event requires special set-up or will begin or end after usual operating hours, you must complete the Facilities Reservation Request at least 10 business days prior to the event.

You can schedule your meeting or event by contacting the Scheduling Coordinator in the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement.

Beginning next year, departments, programs, and schools may request subsidized funding for their community partner groups to schedule events and meetings using Pacific facilities. The usual charge to rent Pacific facilities will be subsidized by 80% upon application and successful review of the newly-organized Community Partner Funding Committee, under the direction of VP Ted Leland. A significant fund in the amount of $80,000 will be available to subsidize facility rental. For more information and the guidelines and process for submitting proposals to the committee, see Community Partner Funding Proposal.