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Residential Life & Housing

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, M-F
McCaffrey Center, 2nd Fl.
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Services & Amenities

The Residential Life & Housing Office strives to provide services and amenities to our students that make Pacific feel like home. Your comfort and safety, as well as your education and sense of community are of the utmost importance to our staff; and the University as a whole.  The following is a list of items and services provide to our residents:

  • Furniture  Each resident is provided with a bed, dresser, desk, and desk chair.  Most of the mattresses are 36 inches wide and 80 inches in length, requiring twin extra long sheets.
  • Furniture in the Apartments 
    In addition to the individual room furniture, apartments are provided with the following for the dining/living areas: couch and chair or loveseat, coffee table/ TV stand, dining room table and chairs.
  • Bunk and Loft Beds 
    The beds in your residence hall room are bunkable.  If you and your roommate(s) would like to bunk your beds, please contact your RA (Resident Assistant or the Residential Life and Housing Office), and bunk pegs will be provided to you.
    Lofts are allowed under the following conditions:
    Lofts must be constructed of lumber. PVC, Metal pipes and other building materials are NOT permitted.
    • A 2.5 lb rated ABC Fire Extinguisher must be mounted onto the loft or proof of purchase for fire retardant paint/wood.
    • Vertical support legs are a minimum of 4x4 lumber.
    • Horizontal supports are a minimum of 2x4 lumber.
    • Other framing is a minimum of 2x4.
    • The components of the loft must be bolted together.
    • The loft must be self-supporting and free standing.
    • The bed frame is supported and intact.
    • The loft has a means of safe access.
    • Loft is not obstructing room fixtures, equipment or exits (including windows).
    • Loft has a minimum of 30 inches clearance from top of mattress to ceiling.
    • Loft contracts are available in the Residential Life and Housing Office.
    At the end of the semester, you are responsible for removing all items or supplies used to decorate your room or apartment. Students will be charged for damages, missing items, cleaning and disposing of items at the end of the semester.
  • Keys and Card Access 

    At check-in, each resident is provided with a room key and access to their specific building through their University ID card. The University ID card  system is available for most buildings’ exterior doors. However, some apartment residents will be provided an exterior door key in the absence of card system access to the exterior door. Mail keys are distributed through the Mail Room. Lost or stolen room/exterior keys need to be reported to the Housing Office promptly to maintain security. Students are charged for the replacement of lost keys or access cards.

  • Air Conditioning  All residence hall communities and most apartments have central air-conditioning. Select apartments may have wall mounted air-conditioning units at multiple locations in the apartment  Residents may not install their own air conditioning system.
  • Lounges 

    There are lounges on each floor of resident halls, and the Monagan, Chan and Calaveras apartment communities.  Each lounge is furnished with couches and chairs and many offer a television, pool table and other relaxing amenities.

  • Quiet and Study Hours 

    There are no curfews or visitation hours in the halls. Study hours are 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Quiet hours start at 11:00 p.m. during the week and 1:00 a.m. on weekends. All facilities have 24-hour courtesy hours.

  • Laundry 

    Welcome to Tiger Wash

    Tiger Wash is Housing and Greek Life's new system to provide free laundry service in all its residence halls, apartment communities, and University-owned Greek houses.  To use the free laundry service it is important to know a few things:

    1) Each resident has a TigerWash credit limit of $25 for the semester.  This credit limit costs you nothing and is already loaded on your PacificCardTM. Each wash and dry registers as $.25 each and this amount will count towards your $25 Tiger Wash credit limit. 
    2) To use your Tiger Wash account just select the machine you would like to use by letter + number designation and swipe your card to pay with Tiger Wash and engage the washing machine then follow the same process to use the dryer - it's that easy.   
    Tiger Wash is set up as a credit line account, separate from your PacificCashTM and Meal Plan, to allow you to do free laundry and ensure that those using the machines are actual on-campus residents.  You can view your Tiger Wash balance and activity at or on the PacificCardTM mobile app.