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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

September 2, 2010

Information Strategy and Policy Committee
Minutes of September 2, 2010
1:00pm - 2:30pm Library Community Room

Members Present: Mary Lou Lackey, Roy Bergstrom, Debborah Denny, Lynn Fox, Jaci Griffen, Steve Jacobson, Jim Hetrick, Susan LeGreco, Janice Johnson

Members Absent: None Guests: Peggy Kay, Greg Mathes, Raybel Ramos, Robert Brodnick, Robert Henderson, Scott Christensen, Kim Heberle

Call to Order: 1:02 PM

Minutes: Minutes from previous meeting were approved

CIO Search Update: The CIO Search Committee has narrowed it down to 8 very qualified candidates and phone interviews will start in the near future. The committee should have a decision made sometime this Fall and the new CIO should be starting by the 1st of the year.

Review of the Charge: The plan is to let the Faculty handbook, for now, be outdated and when the new CIO comes on board, the changes can be made as to how IT Committees should be structured. Having the ability to have IT representatives, Greg Mathes and Raybel Ramos as guests on the committee will be helpful.

Top 10 IT Issues and FY11 Goals: Every year, EDU-CAUSE, the Higher Education Technology Group, puts out the top 10 IT issues. Over the past six years, three have remained and interchanged their position as the top three, which are IT Funding, Administrative ERP Systems and Security. IT funding was put to number 7 because significant funding was received.

$315,000 was funded for the new CIO, and $150,000 of that will go towards the reporting as one time for the licensing for the tool and the rest to the percentage that is needed for the maintenance, which leaves $80,000 discretionary for the CIO. $180,000 was funded for classroom technology
$273,000 was funded for video streaming and video conferencing $315,000 was funded for one-time document imaging management

OIT received 6 new staff members: a Database Administrator, Reporting Developer, Advancement Developer, Video Surveillance Engineer, Video Conferencing Representative, and a Classroom Technology Representative.

Video Conferencing: A committee has begun to discuss the possibility of replacing or refreshing the current system for video conferencing. A list of requirements is being drafted so the committee can start meeting with vendors. There are currently 22 rooms with some sort of video conferencing capabilities and the committee is researching how they can expand and make them more usable. The rooms range in size and a goal is to have desktop video conferencing and possibly the opportunity to integrate with Google Video or Skype.

Reporting and Document Imaging RFP Update: There are two RFP's, one of which was delivered to three vendors and is being worked on. This one is for the Business Intelligence Reporting Tool, which was released August 16th. The Document Imaging and Management will be sent out on Sept. 15th. The vendor presentations will be the week of November 1st and the award will take place November 9th.

Classroom Technology Update: The Technology Information Committee's top priority was to enhance classroom technology on the Stockton campus. Through the RFP process, 30 classrooms were completed this summer. The committee added 5 additional rooms, which will be completed by the end of September. The rooms are primarily basic technology-type rooms, 22 of the rooms have a manual pool down projector with input connections on the wall for basic volume control, 5 rooms were Smart Board enabled, and 1 room in the Art Department was installed with a plasma television base for art history courses.

Adjourned: 2:19 pm