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Leadership Oppertunities

Every year the Volunteer Center recruits Pacific Action Leaders who are student volunteers who participate in facilitating, creating programs, supervising volunteers, and marketing for our department. PALs are able to decide thier level of comitment and get a direct hand in program managing. Many volunteers get to develop and hone professional skills during thier time with the Volunteeer Center.

  • Pacific Action Leader (unpaid): You will lead groups of Pacific students on selected weekend days to partake in volunteer service events with one of our partner local non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Plymouth Square Retirement Home, Very Special Bowling, Boggs Tract Community Farm, Stockton Homeless Shelter or St. Mary's Dining Hall. As a Pacific Action Leader, you will take a leadership role in engaging with new and ongoing volunteers and act as a point person between volunteers and partner agencies during the service event. PALs have opportunities to further advance their professional skills by opting in to do marketing, public speaking, or creating their own volunteer workshop/program for the Stockton community!

If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge with others and are ready to make a commitment to working in and with the Stockton community, please find us on Handshake through Inside Pacific and complete our supplemental application here.

The recruitment process for the Volunteer Center Leadership Team begins early spring semester.     

Team Experience 

  • Each position allows students to have real-world experiences and creates a foundation for their learning
  • Students serve and empower each other, involving the campus and community, as they bring learning to life
  • Students create their own learning direction, focused on a discrete menu of learning outcomes options

River of skulls shovel volunteer pics

If you are interested in getting involved and gaining experience, contact the Volunteer Center for more information.