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University Benefits

Pacific offers increased choices, greater flexibility and lower-cost options. We offer Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) as well as high-deductible plans with much lower or no-cost premium options.

Pacific now offers five health plans (up from three)

Three Pacific self-funded plans:
(These plans allow for the use of Anthem networks)
Pacific Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
Pacific Preferred Provider Organization with High Deductible and HSA (PPO-HD)
Pacific Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)

*Find an Anthem doctor: Are your doctors included in the new Pacific health plans? To check, visit Anthem's website and follow these instructions.

  1. On the Find a Doctor page, select California in the "Select a state" dropdown
  2. Under the "Select a plan/network" dropdown, select "Blue Cross PPO (Prudent Buyer) - Large Group." This is the ninth option in the dropdown list.
  3. Push the "Select and Continue" button
  4. You can now search for doctors and facilities. These results apply to all of three Pacific health plans (PPO, PPO-HD and EPO).

Two Kaiser plans:
Kaiser Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) 
Kaiser Health Maintenance Organization with High Deductible and HSA (HMO-HD)

If you cover qualified dependents, you all must enroll in the same Medical Plan. All medical plans offer prescription drug benefits. Refer to the Prescription Drug Benefits page for more specific information. 

To make changes to your benefits coverage, download the benefits enrollment and change form.

Health Savings Accounts

Employees who choose a high-deductible medical plan can invest premium savings into a Health Savings Account (HSA).  The University contributes to the HSA, but you control how the money is spent and keep any interest and investment earnings. Unlike Flexible Spending Account (FSA) contributions, you don’t lose the money in your HSA at the end of the year.

Pacific EPO

Pacific’s Exclusive Provider plan expands the provider network from the traditional HMO model of one primary care physician to the entire Anthem Blue Cross network that extends to all 50 states.


The AFLAC hospital plan helps you pay for unexpected hospital stays. It has a guarantee issue (no underwriting approval needed) and you save by paying for the premium pre-tax through payroll deduction. If you or a family member are hospitalized, AFLAC will pay a lump sum plus additional benefits.

Tips for Maximizing Your Health Benefits

Here are some of the ways Pacific employees can maximize the value of the University's health plans. 

  • For Pacific EPO and PPO plan participants: Utilize the Dameron Ambulatory Care Center for a $0 co-pay.
  • For Kaiser participants: E-mail your doctor for information, utilize phone appointments and online face-to face-appointments (where available) for a $0 co-pay.
  • Stay in-network  for higher cost savings.
  • Utilize the 100% preventative care benefits in your medical and dental plans to obtain all your recommended screenings to avoid preventable illnesses and catch illnesses early.
  • Have your three dental cleanings at no additional cost and save your $2,000 per year dental benefit for other dental needs by visiting a Delta Dental Preferred Provider.
  • Save on taxes by contributing to a Flexible Spending Account if you do not have a high-deductible medical plan. You can defer money tax-free for medical, dental, vision, dependent care and transportation and parking expenses not covered by your insurance plans.
  • Save money in an HSA to pay for medical expenses in retirement.