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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

January 21, 2010

ISPC Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2010

Library Community Room

Call to Order: 1:05 p.m.

Present: Brodnick, Fox, Frederick, Johnson, Livesey

Not Present: Bergstrom, Denney, Gilbertson, Griffen, Jacobson, LeGreceo, Yelpaala, ASUOP Representative

Guests: Scott Christensen, Rob Henderson, Peggy Kay

Minutes: Since the meeting was informal, the minutes from January 7th will be reviewed at the next meeting.

IPC Document Management Discussion – Letter from the Enterprise Business Partners Committee:
A letter regarding Document Management hardware and software standards, and protocols request was distributed to ISPC for any comments or suggestions. The IPC has tentatively scheduled IT funding at only $500K. Larry sent a letter to Mary Lou Lackey and the Provost regarding the inadequacy of the tentative funding. Rob summarized the IPC budget recommendations. Software licensing increase will now be listed as a mandatory. There is about $1.7M of unfunded IT requests that will have to compete with about $6M from the other divisions. Larry will present the document management letter to IPC on Tuesday as a high priority. Although the ISPC ranked document management lower on the priorities list, the letter will be presented due to the centralization commitment. The administrative units that would like to move forward are willing to contribute funding for document management as a solution. If not funded there may be one-time year-end funds, or a reallocation would be needed. If sources do not become available a patchwork solution would have to be put into place, or the mandatory category could possibly be reexamined. Funding for document management allocated from one-time year-end funds would be the most feasible outcome. One-time funding is a short-term solution for centralization by financing the hardware. Risks analysis would be done for a long-term conversion.

The group discussed the prioritization of the items in relation to document management. John did not have an issue with document management, but felt that classroom technology should not be overlooked. The units have funded classroom technology for a while so it may not be fair to request document management funds only because some units need to move forward with it.

ISPC reviewed the contents of the letter. The table should be changed to reflect a comparison of 2010 dollars. A recommendation for a base-add in addition to department contributions averages should be added to the document along with a request for one-time funding if the recommendation is not possible. The letter is also meant to educate IPC on the value of document management. Rob suggested a cover letter be created with a synopsis dedicated to IPC based on the new research. A list of groups that were involved during the needs assessment should also be added. Peggy will revise the letter based on ISPC’s suggestions. Rob and Larry will meet with the Provost regarding the letter and the verbal presentation to IPC.

Adjourned: 1:51 p.m.