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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

January 7, 2010

ISPC Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2010

Library Community Room

Call to Order: 1:10 p.m.

Present: Bergstrom, Brodnick, Fox, Frederick, Griffen, Jacobson, Johnson, LeGreco, Livesey, Yelpaala

Not Present: Denney, Gilbertson, ASUOP Representative

Guests: Scott Christensen, Rod Cook, Rob Henderson, Peggy Kay

Minutes: The minutes from December 3rd and November 5th were approved.

Address Book Discussion:
A proposal regarding the way the address book within exchange operates was sent to OIT for consideration. When using the address book, sometimes a students name will accidently be selected instead of staff or faculty member. One of the options proposed is to separate the student list from the faculty/staff list. The other option is to leave the list as is and educate users about the issue. Rob Henderson reviewed the screen shots concerning the issue, and the screen shots detailing option one within the document that was presented to the group. The Enterprise Business Partners have asked if the student address book addition could be automated, but currently this is not possible. The student address list would have to manually be added into the Outlook client on a user basis. Currently when using the web interface of Outlook, option one will not allow the view of the student address book, but when updating to Exchange 2010 it will be supported. A field can be added to the student address book showing active. If it does not show active, they would be an alumni or a non-active student. Rob has suggested option one to help with the issue of students receiving confidential information. The group decided to tentatively choose option one, and will have until Friday to express any comments or concerns.

IPC Document Management Discussion:
Peggy explained that IPC requested hardware/software standards and practices be created for individual units to move forward with Document Imaging programs with the confidence that a centralized system could be looked into. If there is no MUR to assure that everything is up to date then it may not work centrally. The Enterprise Business Partners have discussed this and are drafting a letter to be endorsed by ISPC then sent to IPC stating that their tendency is a centralized solution. The EBP are also suggesting contribution funding from Banner 8 savings and departments that want to start using Document Management. Currently the space issue has been identified, but there are also a large amount of work-flow issues as well. Susan and Jaci expressed the need for Document Management due to inefficiencies of manually copying files. The group discussed the IPC budget plan. Larry has suggested a plan to the IPC to reserve $2M a year for five years to receive the resources necessary for information technology. The letter from EBP would need to be reviewed by ISPC at the next meeting to be sent to IPC by January 26th. Programs are being researched for implementation once a decision is made. The group discussed the issues between a centralized and decentralized system. The draft document will be sent to ISPC before the next meeting for comments or suggestions.

Pathway to Pacific/System to Link Faculty to Course Requirements/Information Management Issues beyond IT:
These three items are institutional business related and should be globally considered. Pathway to Pacific would help attract transfer students to attend Pacific through the portal system. A system to link faculty to course requirements is in response to the Graduate School looking into formulating generalized programs. Faculty that would want to participate could be entered into a searchable reference database. Larry expressed the need for ISPC discussions to fundamentally change the way business is done for IT investment. Janice suggested using ten minutes from the meetings for global brainstorming.

Social Distancing Implementation:
There are some changes that need to be implemented into the draft document. Larry requested that the group review the document and send any changes Rod Cook or him. Social Distancing is part of the crisis response plan and would be used if an epidemic has been declared and business needed to be conducted electronically for up to six weeks. McGeorge School of Law has looked into Sakai to use as an alternative to their system if social distancing was needed. Sakai can be synchronized with Elluminate, a web conferencing tool that will replace Wimba. Kojo suggested that the Executive Board is informed about the crisis response plan in case it would need to be endorsed by Academic Council. Larry will discuss a possible meeting with Phil.

Adjourned: 2:13 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 21 at 1:00 p.m. in the Library Community Room.