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    Seven Year (4 + 3) Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Programs

    Seven-Year (4+3) Bachelor’s/Pharm D option:

    This option admits freshmen into a major within Pacific’s arts and sciences division (known as the “College of the Pacific”). If this is the option to which you were admitted, you may pursue a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in either our Department of Biological Sciences or the Department of Chemistry. However, if you complete your Bachelor’s degree in four years (but no more than five years), you too will be eligible to “advance” into the Pharm D program if you have also fulfilled the same pre-pharmacy advantage requirements. The Seven-Year option is designed for students whose academic background and/or performance indicates that they will need at least four years of preparation. It will also ensure that you are “on track” from the beginning of your college career to earn, at least, a Bachelor’s degree.

    To see the 4+3 curriculum click here.