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Renovations to Facilities

Revised: July 1, 2010

Also refer to Signature Authority Policy

Table of Contents

Renovations to Facilities Policy
Renovations to Facilitied Defined
Additional Information

Renovations to facilities policy

Before any work can begin, purchases involving construction to or renovation of University facilities must be approved in writing. See Signature Authority Policy, Renovation Contracts for approval requirements.

Note: Risk Management must be copied so that they may determine whether performance bonds and builders risk coverage's are adequate, and to report the value of the project to the University's insurance broker to insure University facilities are properly covered.

Renovations to facilities defined

Renovations requiring Support Services' or remote campus deans' approval include additions, renovations, improvements or maintenance work to University facilities, including, but not limited to:

  • carpeting,
  • window coverings (Stockton campus only),
  • paint,
  • wiring,
  • carpentry, and
  • installations of alarms, sprinklers, etc.

Additional information

Contact respective campus Support Services (Buildings, Buildings & Grounds) for additional information.

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