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Receipts Handling

Revised: November 3, 2010

Also refer to Signature Authority Policy

Table of Contents

Receipts Handling Policy
Receipts Defined
Deposits Defined
Making Deposits
Where to Bring Deposits
Deposit Procedure
Endorsement Stamp
Who Can Endorse Checks
Additional Information

Receipts handling policy

University receipts must be:

  • safeguarded,
  • endorsed (checks),
  • deposited daily (weekly if less than $500), and
  • batched by date (and card type if credit card).

Note: All gifts to the University must be processed through the respective campus Development Office.

Receipts defined

Receipts are all cash, checks, money orders, traveler's checks drawn on U.S. banks, and credit card payments received by the University for any reason, such as:

  • payments on student accounts,
  • box office receipts,
  • fees for workshops, symposia, conferences, athletic camps,
  • gifts,
  • reimbursement of expense,
  • payroll over-payments,
  • benefit payments, and
  • sponsored program payments.

Note: The University will not accept items drawn on banks that are not members of the Federal Reserve System.

Deposits defined

The process of depositing funds with cashiers to insure proper crediting of account(s) and deposit with University depository institutions.

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Making deposits

Deposits must be made to the respective campus cashiers daily. Departments receiving less than $500 weekly may make deposits each Friday (or Monday for events/functions held over the weekend). Deposits must also be made on the last day of the month and on the last business day of the University's fiscal year, June 30.

Note: Deposits not made daily must be batched by day.

Where to bring deposits

Departments do not make deposits directly to the bank.  Deposits should be brought to the following locations for processing:

If deposit is... Then...                                                   
Payment on student account by mail

Student Accounts (Stockton)
Business Office (Sacramento, San Francisco)

Box office receipts

Cashiers (Stockton)
Business Office (Sacramento, San Francisco)

Fees (i.e., workshops, symposia, conference, athletic camps, newsletters, etc.)

Cashiers (Stockton)
Business Office (Sacramento, San Francisco)

Note: The envelope containing the gift(s) must also be submitted to Advancement.

Reimbursement of expense (including travel advance overpayments) Cashiers (Stockton)
Business Office (Sacramento, San Francisco)
Payroll overpayments Payroll
Benefit overpayments Human Resources
Sponsored programs payments Sponsored Programs Office (Stockton)
Business Office (Sacramento, San Francisco)

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Deposit procedure

Follow the procedure below to deposit receipts with the cashiers:

Note: Forms listed below are available on Business & Finance website.

Step Action
1 Immediately endorse all incoming checks.
2 Batch all credit card transactions by date and by type (i.e., Visa, American Express, etc.).
3 Roll any coins by denomination.
4 Wrap currency by denomination.
5 Prepare a Check Register form (a listing of checks received which include name, check number and amount).
6 Complete a Cash Deposit form.
7 Complete a Deposit Transmittal form if you have more than two Banner accounts that need to be credited.
8 Present Cash Deposit form, Check Register, Deposit Transmittal form (if necessary), coins, currency, checks and credit card receipts to campus cashiers.

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Endorsement stamp

The endorsement stamp should state at a minimum "For Deposit Only to the University of the Pacific" and bear the appropriate bank account number. Deposit stamps may be obtained from Treasury Services.

Who can endorse checks

Generally, only the following offices may endorse checks:

  • Cashier's Office,
  • Business Offices in Sacramento, San Francisco and Union City,
  • Box Office,
  • University Development,
  • Bookstores,
  • Admissions,
  • Housing, and
  • Clinical Operations,
  • Human Resources.

Note: Incoming checks must be endorsed immediately upon receipt.

Additional information

Contact Treasury Services for additional information.

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