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Revised: July 1, 2007

Also refer to Signature Authority Policy

Table of Contents

Payroll Policy
Payroll Check/Remittance Advice Distribution
Payroll Advances
Payroll Calendar Defined
Obtaining Direct (Electronic) Deposit
Timesheets Defined
Jury Duty
Timesheet Signatory Requirements
Changes to Timesheets
Manual Check Defined
Change to Tax Withholding
Disputes and/or Corrections
Information Available on the Internet
Additional Information

Payroll policy

The University complies with all Federal and State regulations for payroll. Written approval is required to hire any University employee. Employees are paid semi-monthly via direct deposit or physical check.

Payroll check/remittance advice distribution

Payroll checks and remittance advices are distributed in the employee's home department on payday. Payroll checks and remittance advices are not distributed before payday.

Payroll advances

Payroll advances are prohibited.

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Payroll calendar defined

The payroll calendar depicts the pay periods and pay dates for the payroll year (January through December). Employees are paid semi-monthly on the 10th and 26th of each month. If payday falls on a weekend, holiday or seasonal day, employees are paid the last business day before the weekend, holiday or seasonal day. Annual payroll calendars are available in the Payroll Department and on the Payroll Department website at

Obtaining direct (electronic) deposit

University employees are encouraged, but not required, to have their payroll checks electronically deposited in the account(s) of their choice. Complete a Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization form, available in Payroll Department, to initiate this process. Similarly, to cancel this service, complete a Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Note: The first payroll check after the form is submitted will be pre-noted (the sending of a test file to the bank which verifies the account information) and the individual will receive a physical check. Provided the pre-note process is successful, the second and subsequent payroll checks will be electronically deposited.

Timesheets defined

Timesheets, available in the Payroll Department, are used by all non-faculty employees and must be signed by the immediate supervisor. See the payroll calendar for due dates.

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Jury Duty

Jury duty receipts must be attached to timesheets to substantiate service.

Timesheet signatory requirements

Timesheets are due on the deadline regardless of whether the employee or supervisor is available to sign them. In the event of an absence by either party, the original timesheet should be completed, signed by the employee or supervisor (whoever is present that day) and forwarded to the Payroll Department. A copy of the timesheet must be retained in the department and signed by the other party upon his/her return. This copy is then submitted to the Payroll Department.

Changes to timesheets

Contact the Payroll Department immediately if you need to change your timesheet.

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Manual check defined

Checks issued separately from the regular payroll run are discouraged but may be required for compliance. In the event a manual payroll check must be issued through no fault of the Payroll Department, a $20 fee will be charged to the department.

Changes to tax withholding

Any changes made to an employee's tax withholding arrangements must be submitted to the Payroll Department via a Form W-4 (Federal) and/or Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate form (California).

Note: Regulations permit a thirty (30) day waiting period for the changes to take effect. The Payroll Department does not provide tax advice. Please contact your tax professional regarding completion of Form W-4 and/or Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate.

Disputes and/or corrections

Contact the Payroll Department immediately with any disputes and/or corrections.

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Information available on the Internet

The following forms are available on the Internet at

  • payroll calendar,
  • timesheets,
  • Payroll/AP Direct Deposit Authorization form

Additional information

Contact the Payroll Department for additional information.

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