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PacificCard - Department Cards

Revised: July 1, 2007

Also refer to Signature Authority Policy

Table of Contents

PacificCard Policy
PacificCard Defined
Department Responsibility
Related Policies
Additional Information

PacificCard policy

Department PacificCards may be used only for University business expenses and only at campus sites. Balances on department PacificCards will revert to the University's current unrestricted fund each year on June 30 (the University's fiscal year end).

PacificCard defined

The PacificCard is a multi-purpose card for both individuals (students, faculty and staff) and departments. Individual cards are used for identification, to enter campus facilities, and to access other University services. Department cards are used for entertaining visiting faculty, lecturers, professors or other business uses.

Department responsibility

Departments are responsible for reviewing activity on department cards for appropriateness.

Related policies

Entertainment Policy, Expenditure Authorization Policy, Procurement Policy, Travel Policy.

Additional information

Contact the PacificCard Office for additional information.