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Campus Account

Revised: July 1, 2007

Also refer to Signature Authority Policy

Table of Contents

Campus Account Policy
Campus Accounts Defined
Affiliation Organizations Defined
Opening a Campus Account Procedure
Information Available on the Internet
Additional Information


Campus account policy

Schools, departments, and affiliated organizations (student clubs, etc.) must have campus accounts for processing financial transactions and obtaining campus services (i.e., printing/duplication, maintenance, etc.).  Off campus bank accounts using the University's name and/or taxpayer identification number are not permitted for these organizations. 


Campus accounts defined

Campus accounts are Banner index codes that represent a financial unit (i.e., budget unit, program, activity, club, etc.) wherein transactions are recorded for financial reporting and budgeting purposes. 


Affiliated organizations defined

Those organizations affiliated with the University and using the University's name.  Examples include booster organizations, clubs funded through ASUOP, and other student clubs which are not separately incorporated (i.e., have separate legal status).

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Opening a campus account procedure

Follow the procedure below to open a campus account:





Department, school, affiliated organization completes New Index Code Request form.



If requestor is...


Department or school

Submit completed New Index Code Request form and Faculty/Staff Index Signature Authorization form to Financial Reporting. 


Note:  Designated accounts require Budget Office approval. 


Complete and submit to Financial Reporting the following:

·   New Index Code Request form,

·   Student Organization Registration Application form (available from ASUOP), and

·   Club Registration Signature Card (available from ASUOP). 

Student organization (Sacramento Campus & San Francisco Campus )

Submit completed New Index Code Request form to Business Office. 

Other affiliated organizations

Submit completed New Index Code Request form to Financial Reporting. 



Financial Reporting establishes account in Banner Finance.

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Information available on the Internet

The following forms are available on the Internet at :

-  New Index Code Request form

-  Faculty/Staff Index Signature Authorization form


Additional information

Contact Financial Reporting for additional information.

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