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Research Grants and Sponsored Programs Proposals, Contracts and MOUs

This is a sub-set of the full Signature Authority Policy. Please be sure to review the Signature Authority Policy before proceeding.

Also refer to Business Policies & Procedures


Proposal: Responses to a Request for Proposal for a grant or contract. The internal agreement will either provide approval to proceed with a proposal, provide conditional approval that sets forth the specific questions or provisions that will necessitate further review at the time that the actual RFP is released, or deny the request to submit a proposal.

Contract: An externally funded activity where there is an agreement representing the transfer of money or property from a sponsor in exchange for specific services, often including rights to and products derived from the services, some formal financial and/or technical reporting by the University as to the actual use of the money or property provided. The agreement is enforceable by law, and performance is usually accomplished in a specific time frame, with support being revocable for cause. Generally if there is an agreement to provide any goods or services using University facilities or the official time or services of Pacific faculty and/or staff, the funds received should be treated as a sponsored project award to Pacific. These awards may be in the form of grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, or other agreements.

MOU: Agreements, usually with another academic institution, that outline relationships and respective rights and responsibilities on joint academic or research endeavors.

**Signing thresholds for MOUs are based on the monetary (if any) or the in-kind value of the agreement (i.e., privileges, University resources, personnel time, length of agreement, etc.)

Final Signature Authority**:

Associate Provost of Research and Collaborative Programs, plus:

  • ≤ $1,000,000 Associate Provost for Research and Collaborative Programs
  • ≤ $2,000,000 Provost
  • > $2,000,000 President

Additional Information and Requirements:

Legal counsel review as deemed appropriate.


Business Policies & Procedures:    Indirect Costs - Sponsored Programs

Office of Sponsored Programs

Last Updated: January 1, 2011

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