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COM fraternity/sorority Recital Policies

Before making a recital request, verify the availability of all participants and guests and consider other events that might constitute a conflict. 

Dates & Times

  • You may schedule a recital any night of the week beginning at 7:30 p.m.  Please note that the recital duration should be no longer than 2 hours.
  • The Conservatory does not schedule recitals before the first and after the last day of classes or on holidays and holiday weekends.
  • Recitals will not be scheduled against other Conservatory events. 
  • All dates and times are subject to the approval of the Conservatory Operations Manager.
  • For available dates, check the  Conservatory events calendar


To make a reservation, contact James Gonzales: 209.946.3255 or


All recitals are scheduled in the Recital Hall. The Faye Spanos Concert Hall is only used under certain circumstances. Performers are permitted to enter the hall one hour before the recital begins.  A limited amount of rehearsal time can be scheduled in the performance hall depending on availability.

Confirmation & Fees

A non-refundable fee of $45 is required.  The recital date is not confirmed until after the fee is paid. If the approved date is changed for any reason, the $45 fee will be forfeited and an additional $25 fee will be required to schedule another date. 

The Conservatory provides 3 stage crew members and 1 piano without charge.  Any requests for additional equipment, staffing, and/or setup is subject to approval by the Stage & Technical Director and will involve additional charges.  For an estimate of costs, please contact James Gonzales: 209.946.3255 or