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e-Commerce Department


CASHNET at Pacific

CASHNet is a fully compliant eCommerce payment solution.

CASHNet is the ONLY acceptable eCommerce solution for all Pacific departments.  No department may enter into a payment agreement without first receiving approval from both the Controller's and Treasurer's department heads.  Units that engage, or attempt to engage, an unapproved payment provider risk having all payment card options suspended for their department.

CASHNet provides Pacific with a remotely hosted solution that reduces the liability and security risks associated with the transmission, processing and storage of cardholder information.  CASHNet offers additional security to Pacific in the form of multiple data centers to reduce the impact and risks associated with unforeseen or unscheduled losses in connectivity to the payment systems.

The CASHNet platform serves more than 100 Pacific departments and groups, including tuition payments in all three cities, as well as conference registrations and invoice payments.

Pacific's eCommerce office coordinates all PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliance efforts in conjunction with the departments that use various card payment solutions.


The following are options available for setting up CASHNet for a department or group.  These options allow funds to be deposited into separate Banner Fund, Index, Account, and Activity Codes.  Receipts can be automatically emailed to customers and other relevant transaction information can be collected for export to reports or to departmental databases.  For detailed information, examples or a demonstration, contact the eCommerce Department via email or phone at (209) 946-CARD (-2273).

CASHNet eMarket Storefront Store

Users with basic computer skills can create an online web storefront for their customers to access.  Uses for this type of storefront consist of conference registrations, invoices, etc.

Departments may:

  1. Customize their storefronts, within a basic framework, to have their desired look and feel (use custom images, colors, fonts, etc.).
  2. Add inventoried items that will be sold through their storefront (registration fees, seats or tickets, dinners, T-shirts, etc.).
  3. Collect store-specific data from customers such as name and email of a conference attendee.  This information can then be displayed on a receipt and will be available on storefront sales reports.

The eCommerce department would be happy to help create the look and feel of their storefront if enough time is allotted before the store is activated.  In some cases, the eCommerce Department may be able to manage the stores on behalf of the group or department.

CASHNet eMarket Checkout store

Departments with shopping cart applications may use the checkout option, passing payment data on to CASHNet for processing, and receiving response data back to update the application or departmental database.  Some examples of this might be parking, conferences, and admissions solutions.  A list of third-party vendors that CASHNet interfaces with is available upon request by contacting the eCommerce Department.

CASHNet Mobile Payments solution

The eCommerce Department has a mobile payment solution for your remote events.  Email the department for more information.

Under no circumstances are departments to accept any mobile payment through any solution other than those that can be provided by the eCommerce Department.


Information about PCI, card swipes, or other eCommerce-related technology at Pacific are available by calling (209) 946-CARD (-2273).