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Religious Holidays


At the University of the Pacific, we are "Many People", "Many Traditions", yet "One Community". The Chaplain's Office is committed to diversity and inclusion, and this extends to how we observe religious holidays (for more on diversity and inclusion at Pacific, go to Diversity and Inclusion). Pacific respects the rights of all members of our community to observe religious holidays and our hope is that we can all work together -- staff, faculty, and students -- to find constructive ways to achieve this. Students are encouraged to be proactive in speaking with professors and others about possible conflicts early in each semester, working together to find solutions suitable for all parties involved. Below is a link to the dates of major holidays for various religious traditions. Major holidays are listed in bold. Please speak to the Dean of Religious Life or other staff member if you are having difficulty resolving a particular conflict.

The Interfaith Calendar can be found here. This calendar contains a comprehensive list of religious holidays. Main holiday celebrations of major world religions are also listed in Tiger Lore.