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Religious and Spiritual Affiliated Student Organizations

Are you looking for a religious or spiritual community on campus? Current, or active, student organizations are listed below on this page. If you do not see a group you are looking for, ask us how to start one! For more information about student programs, visit the Chaplain's Office in Sears Hall (connected to Morris Chapel), or send an email to

Asian American Christian Fellowship Logo Black Campus Ministries Logo    Chi Alpha Logo     Fellowship of Christian Athletes logo
Asian American
Christian Fellowship
Black Campus Ministries
Chi Alpha
Campus Ministries
Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes

Health Sciences Christian Fellowship Logo

Hillel Logo    Indian Student Association Logo Interfaith Council Logo
Health Sciences
Christian Fellowship
Jewish Student Club
Indian Student
Interfaith Council
Tigers Better Together

Muslim Student Association logo

Newman Catholic Community Logo

Open Door Methodist Student Ministry Logo

Orthodox Christian Fellowship Logo

Muslim Student
Newman Catholic
Open Door
Methodist Student Ministries
Orthodox Christian

Pacific Christian Fellowship logo

Nest Prayer Family Logo

Secular Student Alliance Logo

Sikh Student Association Logo

Pacific Christian Fellowship
Nest Prayer Family
Christian Student Club
Secular Student
Sikh Student

I'm not religious but am interested in how religion effects society, or religious issues...

You're not alone. Many people are interested in religion and its effects on society, and our aim is to provide a safe place for you to explore the important questions you have. From time to time we host seminars, lectures, panel discussions, dialogue sessions, and respectful debates, and many of our student groups are involved in organizing these. There is a wealth of activity going on and we encourage you to get involved, especially if your interests are not represented. We need your help! We also encourage you to think about taking courses in Pacific's excellent Department of Religious and Classical Studies. From time to time the Chaplain's office works together with faculty members and others in our community to co-sponsor events. In doing so our aim is to bring about the fullest and most satisfying Pacific experience possible.