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Washington Semester Internship Program

During his Washington Semester internship in fall 2008, Political Science student John Orofino met with then-Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Read about three recent student internship experiences in this article: Pacific’s Washington Semester Program Delivers Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience.

"... it's a experience one will never forget and always reference back to in class discussions and casual conversation because you just learn so much in such a short amount of time. D.C. solidified my want to be an attorney because I got to go to the Supreme Court, meet Justice Ginsburg, talk to both prosecutors and defense attorneys, and visit a number of prisons.  I got to see all sides of the criminal justice system and realize what role I wanted to play in it."

Nche Onyima, Political Science '14 (currently attending law school)




During his Washington Semester internship in fall 2008, Political Science student John Orofino met with then-Presidential candidate Barack Obama. 

The Washington Semester program offers students the opportunity to spend a semester at American University in Washington D.C. while receiving academic credit at Pacific for participating in a combination of internship, academic and seminar experiences. Students can earn 16 credits toward their degree.

A wide variety of internship opportunities are available at places such as these:

  • U.S. government agency
  • Lobbying organization
  • Political party
  • Media organization
  • Foreign embassy
  • Non-profit agency

Students select one of 12 areas of concentration such as American politics, economic policy, international business and trade, foreign policy, or journalism. Some concentrations include an overseas travel segment.

In addition to serving as interns, students participate in a semester-long seminar that includes discussions with real insiders: public officials, political figures, lobbyists, think-tank scholars and the media. They also undertake a research project or take an elective course at American University. These experiences combine exposure to the world of governmental and non-profit work with academic learning.

When living on the American University campus, students have full access to campus life, including dining halls, athletic facilities, and libraries—and they are in close proximity to the unique resources of Washington D.C.

Dr. Dari Tran, Associate Professor of Political Science, directs the Washington Semester program. To learn more, contact her as follows:

Dr. Dari Tran
Associate Professor of Political Science
Wendell Phillips Center, Room 126
Email Link for Dr. George Condon Email
Phone: 209.946.2007

Washington Experience Flyer

You can also visit American University's Washington Semester website.

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