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Pacific Debates

Speech and Debate: What Are We Talking About?

The Speech and Debate (Forensics) Team provides an excellent opportunity for students to improve their communication, writing, critical thinking, performance and professional skills. You can learn to debate, deliver speeches, perform literature and even do comedy! Our team attracts various students with majors from theatre, history, business, law, political science and more. Students can learn valuable skills and lessons that will benefit them in a countless number of future situations, all while having a great time.

Forensics is sometimes considered an academic sports team, because it is a very involved and rewarding experience. It not only offers a great educational opportunity, but it also gives speech team members the opportunity to travel to other schools and meet students from all over the nation. We travel to tournaments throughout the West Coast and frequently visit the Midwest and East Coast as well. Recent locations include Texas, Ohio, St. Louis, Nashville, Los Angeles, San Diego and many others. We even travel internationally to locations such as China, Ireland and Greece!

Pacific's Speech and Debate program is led by Professor Steven Kalani Farias, Director of Forensics and a professor in the Communication Department.

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