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Pacific Fund Grant Winners

Recent Pacific Fund grant winners in the College are described below. From these "stories" you will get a feel for the diverse areas of study encompassed by the College of the Pacific, the inquisitive nature of our students and faculty, and the power of what they can accomplish with a little support.

Learn about previous grant winners through these links:

Spring 2011 Pacific Fund Grant Recipients

Cathie McClellan and Brett DeBoer: Delta Fusion

Delta Fusion

Voltelta, one of the giant puppets seen parading at DeltaFusion

In celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the city of Stockton and the San Joaquin valley, Theatre Arts Chair Cathie McClellan and Art and Graphic Design professor Brett DeBoer organized a project called DeltaFusion. DeltaFusion was a festival that used visual and performing arts as a means to highlight one of the most culturally diverse areas in the country, raise awareness about the many positive things that Stockton has to offer, and reach out to the Stockton community. DeltaFusion workshops took place in June and July, culminating with a parade and puppet theatre featuring larger-than-life puppets created by workshop participants from Pacific and the community. This final event was Saturday, July 23, the anniversary of the incorporation of Stockton as a city.

Lara Killick: Posters on the Hill

A Pacific Fund grant enabled three Sport Sciences students to travel and present at the "Posters on the Hill" event in April. This annual event on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. is organized by the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR), and it allows undergraduate students to present research to members of Congress and other government officials. Seniors Dara Tawarahara, Joey Gullikson and Dianna Snyder presented a research poster about the new after-school Tiger P.R.I.D.E (Physical Activity, Recreation, Inclusion, Development and Enjoyment) activity program initiated by Dr. Lara Killick. The poster was one of only 74 selected from nearly 700 submitted from college and university students across the country.

Dr. Mark Brunell

Dr. Brunell with Student

Mark Brunell: Critical Point Drier for Scanning Electron Microscope

Pacific Fund aided the Biology department in purchasing a new critical point drier for their scanning electron microscope. This new device will enable specimens to dry without any distortion to the biological materials being examined and yield clearer, more accurate, images for study. The equipment will be used by undergraduate and graduate students engaged in research, and will also support an upcoming insect course, cell biology course, and aquatic ecology studies in species identifications of the San Joaquin River.

Jianhua Ren: Research on Peptide Mimicking Polymers

Dr. RenChemistry professor Jianhua Ren, with the help of a Pacific Fund and NSF (National Science Foundation) grant, is researching peptoids at a National Nanoscience Research User Facility, the Molecular Foundry, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. With the help of graduate student Xiaoning Zhao and undergraduate students Peter Bui and Margaret Francisco, she is utilizing the equipment at the Foundry to work toward creating and testing peptide-mimicking peptoids. Peptides, chains of joined amino acids, are the building blocks of everyday life, and peptoids, which Dr. Ren is creating, are man-made replicas of those peptides that mimic their biological functions. Peptoid research is currently a "hot" topic, as scientists are hopeful that peptoids will eventually be able to cure certain diseases that traditional medicine cannot. Dr. Ren plans on publishing her research in scientific journals to help aid in the advances of peptoids in the field of science.