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Alpha Sigma Lambda

The Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society is devoted to the advancement of scholarship and to the recognition of non-traditional students continuing their higher education. Established in 1945, Alpha Sigma Lambda boasts over 250 institutional chapters throughout the United States. Pacific's Iota Gamma chapter started in 1997.

Membership is truly a prestigious opportunity to recognize the special accomplishments of adults who have achieved academic excellence while facing competing interests of family, community and work. For the non-traditional student, the Society stands as an inspiration for continuing scholastic growth, a builder of pride through recognition and an invitation to associate with similarly motivated students.

Student requirements: The following information about membership criteria is from the Alpha Sigma Lambda website:

Students interested in attaining membership in the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society must attend a regionally accredited college or university that offers two- or four-year degrees to nontraditional/adult students. This institution must be a member of the Society in order to offer membership to its students. Membership is strictly by invitation to the chapter at the matriculating institution. Currently, membership is limited to undergraduate students seeking their first degree.