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When Can You Trust AI? (Honors)

Students in this class will examine the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) and explore how its use touches lives. The course will start with the basics of AI to help students understand the types of applications best suited to use AI as a decision making tool.  Readings will provide examples of applications, successes, failures and the consequences that can occur when using these tools incorrectly.   

As we become more of an information driven society, there is a greater reliance on AI to help interpret the data and make decisions that affect your health, your finances, almost every aspect of your life.

There are many questions that will be explored.  We will look at the perception of the current state-of-the-art provided through popular movies. Has this perception made people afraid of what can happen?  Should they be afraid?  Is the use of AI replacing human decision making?

This course provides a connection to discussions initiated in Pacific Seminar I about family and civil society as well as politics, law and citizenship. What are the social responsibilities of AI software developers?  Should society control when and to what level can AI is used?