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The Politics of Punk (CBL)

This is a Community Based Learning section. This course will explore the ethos and manifestations of punk rock as it attempts to interrogate, deconstruct and ultimately reconstruct the reigning status quo. Punk goes beyond protest in its attempt to subvert authority that is perceived as corrupt, immoral or misguided. We will utilize readings, music, film excerpts and class discussions to develop an understanding of the punk movement in a historical context as well as its current embodiment in musical subcultures such as straight edge and hard-core punk. Students will do both individual and group assignments, which will include writing, research, community action, argumentation, oral presentation, use of mixed media and a group policy project. The course work will blend a combination of the punk DIY approach with a serious assessment of which elements of the punk agenda are most useful in constructing a good society and challenging what is perceived as an unjust social, political or cultural establishment in today’s society.