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Plenty of Fish in the Sea?

In Pacific Seminar I, you considered the relationships of humans to the natural world.  In this course, you will continue that theme and take an in-depth look at fish, fishermen, managers, and how your actions can affect them all.

Seafood and fisheries play an integral role in societies world-wide. They provide the majority of protein for over a billion people and are central to economy and cultural identity alike.  It was once thought that the vastness of the ocean held plenty of seafood for all. We now know that the sea does not yield an inexhaustible supply of seafood and that many populations are depleted.  The causes of and solutions to this problem, however, are complex when the needs of both humans and fishes are considered.  The goal of this course is to foster some understanding of the science, economics, culture, and politics of fishing and fisheries management.  You will consider the issues from multiple view points to gain an appreciation for complexity and to become more informed seafood consumers and voters.