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What Makes People Successful?

This course is designed for students to investigate, study, and learn principles that have helped individuals, groups, and societies be successful throughout history.  Many of the principles that will be discussed are not normally taught in college courses and some may not be learned even through normal life experiences and OJT (on-the-job-training).  None of the success principles are secrets, and the younger a person is when they are learned the longer the principles can be applied to their education, work, family, - life.  Principles will be drawn from ancient literature through current literature. Some principles will seem more important than others, depending on what a student relates to at the time, but what may not seem important now may be essential later in life. 

This PACS 2 relates to the following PACS 1 topics: The Self and Self-Reflection and Interpersonal Relationships and Family.  Throughout the seminar on Success Principles you will be relating what you have learned throughout your life that has helped you be as successful as you are today, and what you need to learn in order to be increasingly successful in your interpersonal relationships and future employment.