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Peace, Love, & Understandin’?

Continuing the "Civil Society" and "Citizenship and the State" themes from Pacs 1, this course will examine racism, classism, sexism, and other forms of oppression that undermine "Peace, love, and understanding" in our society. Through this course students will gain a better understanding of the systemic nature of these forms of oppression and will gain increased competency in intercultural awareness and interaction.

Students will read a variety of academic and popular articles, and watch documentary and popular media productions on race, class, and gender. There will be a number of experiential elements of this course, including use of the VISIONS, Inc. model of multicultural dialogue and transformation. Students will be required to participate in either the Stockton based Alternative Spring Break experience with Urban Spirit (for an additional fee) or a semester long project with the Gospel Mission in Stockton, and to complete written reflections on those experiences. Assignments will include short written reflections, on-line postings, and a significant research project that incorporates learning from students' experiences over the course of the semester.