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6.4.8 Sustainability Committee (A, U)

Approved by Academic Council on April 9, 2009; Revised April 12, 2018

University of the Pacific in its commitment statement of sustainability acknowledges the importance of advancing sustainability through learning, practice and collaboration internally and with local communities by considering our environmental, social and economic impacts. Sustainability commonly refers to development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs as laid out by the United Nations.

The Sustainability Committee is an administrative standing committee with faculty membership and charged to advise the President on the development of strategies and policies that contribute to the practice and understanding of sustainability across the University.

To continuously improve campus performance on matters of sustainability the Sustainability Committee will:

  1. advise on establishing and integrating sustainability strategies across the institution;
  2. recommend policy, institutional goals and resource allocation;
  3. monitor related indicators and progress through assessment and benchmarking activities; and
  4. encourage the alignment and expansion of education practices, teaching and learning, scholarship, and co-curricular activities.  

The Committee consists of no more than 14 voting members and is not to exceed 16 total members. Voting members consist of:   

  • Sustainability Director
  • 2 students, undergraduate or graduate nominated by respective student government bodies
  • 3 faculty, nomininated by Academic Council
  • At least one representative from each campus 
  •  At least one representative from the following areas:
    • Physical Plant
    • Student Life 
    • IT
    • University Development and Alumni Relations
    • Procurement
    • Athletics  

Members can fufill 2 roles, for example a faculty member from the San Francisco campus would fulfill the role of faculty and campus representative. The Garden Program Director and Sustainability Coordinator serve as ex-officio, non-voting members and the Sustainability Director is an ex-officio, voting member. Student members serve one-year terms; all other members serve three-year staggered terms. All members are appointed by the President. The Sustainability Director and a faculty member serve as co-chairs.