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Minor in Technology

Engineering and technology are integral parts of many careers and fields of study. As "technology" has become so prevalent in our lives and careers, more and more companies are demanding that their employees have a working knowledge in such areas as design, graphics, communications, hardware and software advances, etc. Consequently, college students majoring in non-technical disciplines would be well advised to consider taking advantage of technology-related courses to bolster their knowledge and awareness in any of these areas. In order to provide a structure and formal recognition towards this end, Pacific offers a Minor in Technology.

The Technology Minor provides an introduction to various aspects of engineering and technology which will strengthen a student's employment qualifications. The University offers a number of engineering and technology-related courses which are basic enough in their content that non-engineering students can enjoy enrollment without intimidation.

Phrases like "The Age of Technology" and "Information era" reflect the demand for professionals with more knowledge about engineering and technology. The student who takes advantage of this structured approach to additional studies will likely enjoy much greater job and salary recognition upon college graduation.
Why do this?  The reasons for students pursuing this minor will vary.

For more information, contact Dr Gary Martin (209-946-3064) or visit him on campus in the Chambers Technology Center (CTC) 104 with any questions.

View printable version of entire Minor in Technology Brochure  for complete details, minor in technology requirements, approved course listings and proposal form.