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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

May 12 2009

University of the Pacific - IPC
Minutes, May 12, 2009
Library Community Room

Call to Order:  2:07 pm

Attendees:  Brodnick, Dodson, Frederick, Gilbertson, Gong, Griego, King, Klunk, Krise, Lackey, Leland, Rose, Pearson, Schmidt, Swaggery, Yaraborough

Not Present: Cavanaugh, Leland, Perrot

Special Guest: Rob Alexander, Marna (Genes) Cooper, Dan Shipp

Minutes: Minutes from April 29th meeting approved as distributed.

Announcements: n/a

Enrollment Update:
Application pool this year has surpassed our estimated outcomes. SAT scores have tremendously increased from last year. Our target is 890 enrolled students and currently have 890 as of today's date. A few of the units have waiting lists and have admitted over our capacity in certain programs without loosing the quality of the student. Our current status is 910 confirmed students compared to the 897 total confirmed last year.

Program Planning Report & Recreation/Fitness Update:
Student Life formed an independent review committee as part of the 2009 Program Review of Pacific Recreation Services and Facilities. During their review process they identified four major issues in need of attention with recommendations. They are: Campus Wellness Initiative, Strengthen Relationships with Sport Sciences and Athletics, Investing Membership Management Software and Facilities Master Plan. These four have action plans in place and are moving forward. 

Alignment of IPC Budget Investments & SAP Commitments:
This document is to reflect how the university has invested in our priorities related to Pacific Rising. The committee reviewed all 20 strategic directions and evaluated each one, noting where attention is needed. Three strategic directions that are in need of attention after this past academic year are: (#5) Experiential Learning, (#15) Marketing, and (#19) Advancement Services. President Eibeck will review this draft with council before returning back to IPC for final revisions in August.

First Draft of Budget Assumptions:
The budget numbers are current and the group went through the individual line items. A few adjustments will be made by combining line items one and two, and including the integrated nature of the use of the SAP through the annual planning cycle. There is a reduction in enrollment numbers at the Law School. Will need to look at options to balance the revenue versus the academic needs and profile. Will need further research if there is a way to reduce the enrollment without cutting the budget.

Adjourned:  3:59 pm

Next Meeting: August 25, 2009 in LCR, 2-4 pm