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Advisory Board (Think Tank)

The Center for Social and Emotional Competence Advisory Board is a membership of distinguished professionals, providing strategic advice for the Center in the areas of research & assessment and teaching & learning.  Advisory Board members serve in a non-paid, advisory capacity for the Center.

Members include:

Amy Fox, Co-Founder, Mobius Executive Leadership

Annie McKee, Co-Founder, Teleos Leadership Institute

Cary Cherniss, Professor, Director of Organizational Psychology Program, Rutgers University

Dan Goleman, Honorary Chair of the Board

Donald DeRosa, President Emeritus, University of the Pacific

Elizabeth Griego, Professor, Vice President for Student Life, University of the Pacific

George Lucas, Founder, The George Lucas Education Foundation

James Bailey, Professor, Chair of the Department of Management, George Washington University

James Parker, Professor, Vice President Research, International & Strategic Enrollment Management, Trent University

Ken Alvares, APEX Group, Consultant

Richard Boyatzis, Professor, H.R. Horvitz Chair of Family Business, Case Western Reserve University

Robert Caplan, Consultant, Executive Advisors, Inc.

Scott Taylor, Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico


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