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Student Films

A Showcase of Passion, Creativity and Imagination

In the Film Production class at Pacific, students learn how to visually tell a story.

From pre-production to production through post-production, students are given the hands-on experience and tools to produce and direct successful film projects. While technique and the development of craft is important, emphasis is placed on visual storytelling and how to actively engage the audience in each student filmmaker's own unique vision of the world.

Highlighted here are a few of our students' films, giving you an idea of the passion, creativity and imagination that goes into the filmmaking process.

Baba Yaga

"Baba Yaga," a short film made by two University of the Pacific students, won one of the top honors at this year's Sundial Film Festival in Redding, Calif. The movie, made by students Eric Pace and Philips Shum, presents viewers with a captivating coming-of-age tale of a young woman who learns to be kind and self-reliant.